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‘U.S. presidents, responsible for misguided policies in Iraq, Libya and Syria that encouraged rise of ISIL’
The operator of the institute of Post-Communist Studies said “the terrorists were encouraged by our mistakes (Western Countries) and misunders...
Wednesday, 28 January 2015
Obama defends U.S.-Saudi ties
U.S. President Barack Obama has defended the U.S. government's willingness to cooperate closely with Saudi Arabia on national security issues de...
Tuesday, 27 January 2015
Iran, U.S. should make leaps to prevent spoilers to sabotage nuclear diplomacy: NY Times
The United States and Iran should speed up their efforts for major political compromises by March as hardliners and hawkish Israeli Prime Minister B...
Monday, 26 January 2015
Israelis attack, stab Palestinian in al-Khalil
Israeli settlers have assaulted and stabbed a Palestinian man in the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron). Yousef Hantash, 38, was injured...
Monday, 26 January 2015
Clashes between Egypt demonstrators, police kill 8 protesters in Cairo
At least 8 protesters were killed in Egypt and a bomb wounded two policemen on Sunday, the anniversary of the 2011 uprising that toppled autocrat H...
Monday, 26 January 2015
Germany halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia
Germany decided to stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia because of “instability in the region,” German daily Bild reported on Sunday. We...
Sunday, 25 January 2015
Canadian expert: What occurred in Paris was theater on a grand scale
The Leader of Human Rights Party of Canada, Kevin Galalae, said no terrorist attack took place in France and what occurred was theater on a grand sc...
Sunday, 25 January 2015
Kerry: Violent extremism is not Islamic
Violent extremists who are killing children and others in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and other parts of the world may cite Islam as a justification, but t...
Saturday, 24 January 2015
King Abdullah dies
Saudi Arabia's new king moved swiftly on Friday to name the country's interior minister as deputy crown prince, making him the second-in-lin...
Friday, 23 January 2015
Obama to Netanyahu: Stop pushing Congress toward new sanctions on Iran
U.S. President Barack Obama has demanded that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stop encouraging U.S. senators and congressmen to advance new sancti...
Friday, 23 January 2015
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