Iran’s parliament amends anti-money laundering law

August 17, 2018 - 20:28

TEHRAN – Majlis has amended the anti-money laundering law in line with moves to combat the financing of terrorism, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has announced.

According to the amendment, threatening or taking violent actions which cause physical harms and also taking hostages and endangering the people’s lives intending to affect the decisions of the government and/or the international bodies are considered terrorist move, ISNA reported on Friday.

Financial support for terrorism is punishable by seizure of the money and properties and 2 to 5 years imprisonment.

The financial supporter will also face 2-5 times more than the amount of provided support in fines.

Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, the Guardian Council spokesman, announced on August 11 that the oversight body had approved measures passed by parliament on combating the financing of terrorism.

He said that the measures were consistent with the Islamic law and the Iranian Constitution.

Last month, the Guardian Council announced that it would not confirm legislation to join the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as it is contrary to the constitution.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on June 20 that parliament should pass legislation to combat money laundering according to its own criteria.


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