By Samaneh Aboutalebi

Sureh-Mehr seeks to implement Leader’s guideline on translation movement  

January 20, 2020 - 18:26

TEHRAN – An official of Sureh-Mehr, a major publishing company affiliated with the Art Bureau, said on Monday that the company is seeking to implement Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s guideline for Iranian publishers on a translation movement.

“We have already translated about 150 children’s books written by Iranian writers into different languages including English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French and Urdu,” Sureh-Mehr Public Relations and International Affairs Office director Ali Eskandari told the Tehran Times on Monday.

He said that more books by Iranian writers have been selected to be translated into other languages and added that the books would be ready for the Tehran International Book Fair in April. 

In a meeting with a group of literati, filmmakers and managers of cultural organizations in September 2018, the Leader said, “We should launch a translation movement to export our books and films on the Sacred Defense [the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war] in order to convey the message about Iranians’ invincibility and faith for the world.”    

Over the past two decades, Sureh-Mehr Publications has commissioned a number of native translators from various countries to render books by Persian writers, mostly on the Iran-Iraq war. 

“When the Leader asked the literati to launch a translation movement, we had already translated and published over 100 books by Persian writers,” Eskandari said. 

He said that the Leader had praised Sureh-Mehr after the publisher provided him with a detailed report on its active engagement in translating Persian books into other languages. 

Eskandari said, “We have put our translated books on display at international book fairs.” He added that the books about the war have been warmly received by readers around the world.

Sureh-Mehr is currently organizing an exhibition of the books entitled “Translation Movement” at the Art Bureau in Tehran.

Moreover, audio versions of the English translations of four books, including “If Dad Dies” by Mohammadreza Sarshar and “City of Blood” co-written by Ahmad Dehqan and Saeid Fakhrzadeh were unveiled during the opening ceremony of the exhibit on Monday. 

“A Trip to the Prohibited Zone” and “Hand in Hand with Rain”, both by Hedayatollah Behbudi, were also among the audiobooks. 

The organizers also plan to hold the exhibition in several other countries in the near future. 

The exhibit will be running until January 23.

Photo: Books on display in the Translation Movement exhibit at the Art Bureau in Tehran.


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