Visit Imam Jomeh House solely or on tour of ‘Old Tehran’

June 6, 2020 - 21:23

Imam Jomeh House is a magnificent structure and one of the magnificent buildings that stand tall in the historical core of Tehran.

As the name suggests, it was used as the primary residence of Tehran’s Friday prayer leader. The building is comprised of numerous halls and chambers decked out with beautiful plaster moldings. A rectangular pond sandwiched between two columns gives the yard a classic Persian look.

Constructed in the 19th century, the mansion was originally the residence of Aqa Khan Nuri (nicknamed E'temad-al Dowleh) (born 1807 – died 1865), who was a politician in Qajar court. Nuri served as prime minister (Sadr-e a’zam) between 1851-58 during the reign of king Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (r. 1848–1896)

Building later was used to be the residence of Imam Jomeh or the Friday Praying Leader before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The house is adjacent to Golestan Palace, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, was built during the Qajar era and embodies the successful integration of earlier Persian architecture with the European influence.

Dar ul-Funun, which translates to ‘polytechnic college’, the grand bazaar of Tehran, the National Museum of Iran, which explores 30,000 years of habitation in the region through primitive art, tools from the Stone Age, pottery, coins, remnants of Persepolis, and other excavated treasures, are amongst adjacent destinations you may visit to solely or on a tour of ‘Old Tehran’.


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