Masao Masuto Mysteries series’ books published in Persian 

September 30, 2020 - 18:38

TEHRAN – Three books from the Masao Masuto Mysteries Book series by American novelist Howard Fast have been published in Persian by Flamingo Publications in Tehran. 

The books are “The Case of the Kidnapped Angel”, “The Case of the One Penny Orange” and “The Case of the Angry Actress”. 

“The Case of the Kidnapped Angel” translated by Abbas Karami is about Angel who is part of Hollywood’s elite.

Her husband, Mike Barton, is one of the silver screen’s most bankable stars, and their marriage has all the hallmarks of a Beverly Hills fairy tale. 

But everything about Angel’s past is kept secret, including her real name. When reporters ask why Mike dubbed her Angel, she says that she must have fallen from heaven. No one knows where Angel Barton is from, and now no one knows where she has gone.

When his wife disappears, Barton readily agrees to a million dollar ransom demanded by her kidnappers, but Zen detective Masao Masuto doesn’t buy his performance. 

As Masuto pries into the strange kidnapping case, he finds that Barton might be much more likely to pay to get rid of his wife than to keep her.

“The Case of the One Penny Orange” translated by Maziar Fekri narrates how Masao Masuto, a Nisei detective on the Beverly Hills police force, investigates a ransacked house from which nothing is missing, and the murder of a noted stamp dealer while he searches for an 1847 postage stamp from Mauritius.

Detective Masuto investigates a Hollywood mogul’s sudden death in “The Case of the Angry Actress” translated by Bahareh Taqizadeh.

The residents of Beverly Hills tend to underestimate a Buddhist homicide detective, and Masao Masuto is happy to let them make that mistake. A second-generation Japanese-American, he relishes the thrill of a puzzling murder case. And Masuto will need all his powers of deduction to understand the murder of Al Greenberg.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of three books from the Masao Masuto Mysteries Book series by American novelist Howard Fast.


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