Iranian, Yemeni presidents to meet soon

May 4, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki announced here on Saturday that Iranian and Yemeni presidents would meet soon.

In a joint press conference with Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr Abdallah al-Qirbi, Mottaki announced Tehran-Sanaa relations are entering a “new era.”
“The next round of talks will be held in higher level.”
Mottaki said, “The two states’ political will to deepen bilateral relations remains strong.”
To expand relations a “joint political committee headed by the deputy foreign ministers” will be formed, the Iranian minister declared.
Mottaki said two states have clear “understanding of their status in the region” and “are determined” to ensure “regional stability and safety.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, Mottaki expressed support for Yemen’s efforts to reconcile rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah.
The Fatah party of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and the Islamist movement Hamas penned a deal in Yemen to open their first direct talks since Hamas drove Fatah forces from the Gaza Strip in June.
The two foreign ministers’ talks covered developments in the Middle East, including Lebanon.
Motaki said the difficult situation in the Gaza Strip is “our common concern.”
The two ministers condemned the horrible crimes of Zionist regime.
Mottaki urged international organizations to “fulfill their duties to Palestinians” and “put an end to these crimes”.
Asked about Yemen’s status in Iran’s foreign policy, Mottaki said, “Yemen’s integrity” is Iran’s major concern.
He also called Tehran-Sanaa relations as “exemplary” in the region.
He said the two countries’ relations are “based on the United Nations charter, confronting insecurity, and nonintervention in domestic affairs.”
Al-Girbi, for his part, called for expanded relations in all areas and said Iran-Yemen relations “will harm nobody.”
He also honored Iran’s support for Yemen’s integrity.
The Yemeni minister said, “Iran and Yemen are in the same front fighting terrorism.”
Meanwhile, Mottaki said the Yemeni trade minister will visit Iran soon to participate in the two countries’ joint economic committee.
Mottaki said Iran will help Yemen in the field of power generation.
“Economy makes relations much stronger,” he observed