Persian gardens catalogue for Venice Biennale published

August 25, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- A catalogue promoting Iranian gardens was released by the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) on Tuesday.

Entitled “Persian Garden”, the catalogue is dedicated to Iranian gardens and will be introduced at the 12th Venice Biennale of Architecture.
The 84-page catalogue features articles on the five gardens of “Shahzadeh” in Mahan, “Fin” in Kashan, “Dowlatabad” in Yazd, “Chehel-Sotun” in Isfahan and “Narenjestan” in Shiraz in English and Persian.
“The spiritual atmosphere of Persian gardens as well as their aesthetic characteristics make them world renowned... Iranians consider Persian gardens as a manifestation of their beliefs and cultural heritage that contain a humanistic message for all people in the world,” Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Hamid Shahabadi mentioned in preface of the catalogue.
The catalogue includes the articles “Persian Gardens, symbols of Iranian civilization, art and architecture” by TMCA Director Mahmud Shaluii and “A Persian Garden, a Place for People’s Reunion” by Iran’s curator of the exhibit.
Articles on “Shahzadeh” garden by Mohammad Amin Mir-Fendereski, “Dowlatabad” garden by Feryar Javaherian and Azadeh Shahcheraghi, and “Narenjestan” garden by Kamran Safamanesh, “Fin” garden by Mina Noruz Borazjani and “Chehel-Sotun” garden by Seyyed Hadi Mirmiran are in catalogue.
The catalogue is available at the TMCA bookstore located in the museum. Iran is participating for the first time at the biennial of architecture, which will run from August 29 to November 21.