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Why are human rights defenders silent?

April 28, 2019 - 12:3

TEHRAN - The latest crime in Saudi Arabia's wild regime has led to anger and hatred of all the people of the world from Riyadh. Undoubtedly, not only the leaders of the Saudi regime, but also American and European supporters of this regime are also involved in the martyrdom of 37 people in Saudi Arabia.

Today, the public opinion of the world is more than ever informed about the nature and identity of the Saudi regime. The main question is why many human rights defenders in the world do not condemn this crime? Why do not many international organizations and institutions act in the face of the Saudi assassin regime?

The fact is that the recent crime in Saudi Arabia has been sustained by three United States, Britain and France. The three countries that support the Yemeni war and the killing of Yemeni children and women also support Riyadh. Therefore, these three countries use their influence in international organizations against humanity.

Today, the Islamic world is deeply upset about the great crime that has occurred in Saudi Arabia. But in the meantime, in addition to Riyadh, European and American supporters of the hated Saudi regime are also accused. They are responsible for the killing of innocent people in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and so on.

For example, the United States and three countries, Germany, France and Britain, are well aware of the fate of their export arms to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi regime uses these weapons to produce terror in the West Asia region. Washington and its allies know well that many of these weapons come to the hands of terrorist groups such as ISIS through official lobbyists in Riyadh.

Ultimately, Saudi Arabia will pay a heavy punishment for its thousands of crimes against Muslims. The 37 recent Saudi victims were subjected to heavy torture. They were also deprived of having a lawyer. Meanwhile, none of the international institutions is taking action in the face of the riots and savagery of Riyadh. Soon, with the fall of the Saudi regime, there will be many documents about the numerous crimes of this regime. Documents that they are disturbing the hearts of the conscious and free people.

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