Abdul Mahdi's government is still faltering in its performance: Diyari Salih

August 8, 2019 - 17:2

In an Interview with Diyari Salih. An Iraqi academic. PhD in Political Geography. Post Doctorate in International Relations,we analyzed new political and economical developments in Iraq:

By Damir Nazarov

Q: How do you rate Government Adil Abdul-Mahdi?   

A:Until now, Abdul Mahdi's government is still faltering in its performance. There are many internal and regional constraints that limit its ability to implement its governmental program. Nevertheless, this government has an acceptance among many moderate Iraqi circles. The problem now lies in the presence of political forces that want to overthrow Adel Abdul Mahdi  because he is now threatening their interests and influence.

Q: Why Kurds break the law about oil supply in Baghdad?

A: Today, the Kurds are trying to bypass agreements signed with Baghdad within the framework of the fiscal budget for 2019. They believe that there is the possibility of producing some kind of trade-offs that serve their interests. For example, they propose a commitment to deliver 250,000 barrels per day to Baghdad in exchange for the latter pledging to solve the problems of Erbil's obligations with foreign oil companies as well as the subject of the return of Peshmerga forces to the disputed areas.

Q:  In June Grand ayatollah Sistani fierce criticism against corruption and conflicts between political blocks. What do you associate that problems, personally politicians or State system, after 2005 year? Why new premier repeating the same mistakes, as in former cabinet?

A:The problems of Iraq after 2003 lie in the fact that the political forces do not have a project to re-produce the state. Therefore, these forces used all their means to achieve material gains in illegal ways and thus led to produce a corrupt system of state. There are also external powers supporting this subversive league. These powers have many geostartegic objectives in Iraq. These objectives do not include anything concerning of the rise of a strong and healthy Iraq.

Q : We can say" Basra - city revolutionaries"? I mean people in Basra initiate changes in the government.

A:Basra in recent years has been a city that greatly affects the nature of political stability in Iraq. The revolt of protesters in Basrah greatly affected Haidar al-Abadi's chances to be the prime minister for the second time. It will also affect the political future of Adel Abdul Mahdi and his government. The confilcted parties and the government are unable to adopt effective mechanisms and decisions in order to respond to the demands of the protesters. The beneficiary ultimately behind this image is the powerful parties competing for influence and interests. They wants to use Basra's card to blackmail and overthrow the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Q : In what sectors most developed Russian-Iraqi cooperation?  

 A: Iraq and Russia can cooperate effectively in many fields. Corruption in a period of time was also widely spreading in the structure of the Russian state, especially after the nineties of the last century, but Russia has been able to exercise effective policies and strong to confront corruption. Russia can be an important ally of Iraq in the strategic field, especially in terms of combating terrorism and its positive role in Syria affirms this matter. It can also contribute to the prosperity of the energy sector and the other economic fields.

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