Iranian Dates

August 24, 2019 - 15:9

Iranian Dates in the world are unique and have a special taste.

Iran has always been able to meet dates of many countries as one of the date producers.

Dates are growing in warm and dry conditions that these conditions have been provided in southern Iran for the growth of dates.

Iran is referring to global markets that have a high quality and reasonable price that has attracted the satisfaction of the buyer countries.

Many companies in Iran are active in the field of selling and exporting dates.

According to the sales policies, these companies choose to trade and export them. This is different in various companies, for example, a company may only have Mazafati dates for sale.

Buy Iranian dates is one of the needs of foreign companies in the field of dates.

As a producer in this field, Iran has been able to meet world markets in recent years.

Iranian Mazafati and high quality dates have been able to attract the attention of global markets.

Bam Mazafati can be considered the best dates in Iran Mazafati.

The Mazafati dates of Bam have been renowned for its unique and gourmet taste in the world. Also, this type of date has been able to have desirable features that are not found around the world like it.

As you are mindful, this type of date is more than the subject of the palm, and buying it as interesting as it is.

The unique feature that encourages buyers to buy is black color of this type of date. Even many buyers have a lot of emphasis on the color of this kind of date.

Another kind of quality dates is in the world markets.

Delicious and sweet taste of piarom and its fleshy structure has led to a special place.

It should be noted that this date is due to the high price which is used only by the rich community cortex and export.

These dates are known as the one of the most expensive and most luxurious dates.

The thin skin dates in a dark brown and given that the meat and the palm skin are completely sticking to each other, a beautiful and desirable look is given to this type of date, and the washing process is done in full and given the major sugar in it The type of fructose is used easily and quickly in the body's metabolism and those who have consumed these dates once due to their very good taste and desirable appearance and other nutritional properties are usually the permanent consumer of these dates.

Date Company Features

A Dates company must have standards and certificates to trade.

Palm companies usually have private refrigeration, since the morgue can increase the supply power and allow the company to deliver customers  order in high tonnage.

It must also have standards and approvals required.

There are many cases that require all companies that do the production and export of dates so that they can be first and foremost in their work.

Below are the most important of them:

• Having all the required standards approved by the Ministry of Health and also the available licenses

• Having the necessary facilities for production, packaging and supplying the production dates

• Equipped with a dedicated cold storage to maintain a degree (for maintaining the quality of products) (ready to visit foreign customers)

• Having equipped facilities and equipment for receiving high-tonnage orders

• Having new, interesting design for packaging

• Having equipped devices for vacuum products

• Having necessary permissions for export, from the Ministry of Industry and Mine and trade and obtaining a credit card.

By having these above, date manufacturing companies can also provide the trust of customers and consumers as well as by providing the products of the Ministry of Health, as well as by observing the existing terms and conditions, and offering a high quality product.

Important feature

Different companies have to know:

Depending on the requirements for successful activity in this field, a company that has the ability to supply all kinds of high quality types, hence it can easily meet the needs of all its customers with different tastes.

Date Export Company

According to export activities of companies around the world, production and selling dates are important topics in export. In recent years, these export companies have been able to allocate significant successes in this regard. In addition, it can be acknowledged that there are many small Dates export company that may not have been able to act in accordance with the export success algorithms and ultimately face failures in the field.

In this regard, it can be said that Mahallati and foreign buyers, according to the quality of the product, have very particular attention to the symptoms of its standards and the company's reputation.

Verily, the best export companies of the palm of duty are providing a huge part of high quality and classy dates (the result of the best groves of each country and region), and ultimately providing them with the best in-day packaging with respect to all the health principles and standards.

According to the mentioned cases, it must also be noted that the success of the export companies of dates in this regard is the empathy and integrity of employees and officials to provide a high quality product, and in the production of the best types of dates, also attract real buyers and also to export. Keep it special with its superior export badges.

In this regard, it should be noted that in addition to the degree of quality of the produced dates, the packaging of this product will be designed and presented in the correct and updated ways. Therefore, this issue is among the most important duties of the export company of dates. In line with this important issue, the duration of their durability is increased if they apply the correct packaging for dates.

Date export companies are generally in different fields of activity. Some of these companies will serve local and foreign buyers in the wholesale field as well as sales in large tonnage, and some other companies export dates only to retail and in limited and small values and only for daily expenditure and regular buyers, their products are supplied. .

In this meantime, one of the top companies for exporting dates is introduced. The export of crystal dates is a successful company that exports dates in Iran, which its export activities will not only be limited to internal Mahallati, but also the scope of the activities of the company, many countries outside the country.

It is worth mentioning that the export dates company has been able to make a special place in the field of exports with many significant successes in export, which is to ensure that the position of the trust and reliability of many domestic and foreign buyers knows that with the desire and confidence of the purchase A variety of top-notch types have a crystal-export company. Because they rely on the purpose of the Crystal Company, which eliminates the intermediaries and cuts the price of dates, it was able to rely on the company's activities over several decades, and with the comfort of their own micro and macro purchases.

For more information tou can also take a look at Crystal Date Company Website : .

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