‘Six prioritized freeway projects to be completed in 2 years’

January 26, 2020 - 14:49

TEHRAN – Deputy Iranian Transport and Urban Development Minister Kheirollah Khademi says six prioritized freeways projects with a total length of 550 kilometers (KM) are planned to be inaugurated by the Iranian Calendar year of 1400 (starts in March 2021).

“With these new freeways going operational, the length of the country's freeways will increase by nearly 25 percent,” IRNA quoted Khademi as saying on Saturday.

According to the official, the Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company (CDTIC) has it on the agenda to build 3500 km of new freeways and highways across the country, nearly 1200 of which is currently under construction.

Khademi further noted that of the country’s total 38,000 kilometers of arterial roads, about 18,000 kilometers are highways and about 2400 kilometers are freeways.
According to the official, in the long run, the government plans to construct 18,000 kilometers of highways and freeways in the country. 

“So, considering the 3500 km of new freeways which are being constructed, still 15,000 km of new freeways and highways are expected to be built across the country,” Khademi added.

In mid-December 2019, Khademi announced that over 3,000 kilometers of railways and 1,200 kilometers of freeways are currently under construction in the country.

Khademi, who is also CDTIC’s managing director, had also said in November 2019, that some 7,800 Km of highways, freeways and main roads were under construction throughout the country.

Roads account for 90 percent while railway accounts for 10 percent of transportation in Iran, according to the official.


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