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Unmanaged dedicated servers- the new it sensation for website owners

June 21, 2022 - 16:29

What are servers? They are complex machines with layers. Website owners need efficient servers for optimal performance, security, and availability. If your website experiences heavy traffic, you might need a managed dedicated server.

But, if your website doesn’t deal with a lot of traffic, it can immensely benefit from an unmanaged dedicated server. Wondering what it is or why you need unmanaged dedicated hosting? Then here’s a guide for you!


Unmanaged hosting or unmanaged dedicated servers are the “default” kind of hosting plan. When you get a dedicated server hosting plan, unless your service provider mentions otherwise, you will be getting unmanaged dedicated hosting. Circling back to what is unmanaged dedicated hosting, as the name suggests, in the unmanaged type, the hosting company doesn’t get involved in terms of the management. You get the server resources as well as the operating system. In the end, it is your responsibility to keep the website secure and updated. Also, you are responsible for maintaining and installing fundamental software solutions like Apache and PHP.


There are many benefits of choosing unmanaged dedicated servers. Some of these perks are listed as follows:

-  For one, you can benefit from greater reliability. Website owners who want to boost their website performance and manage their traffic better need to have a dedicated server. In the unmanaged dedicated server, the hosting company handles everything for you and as you don’t share your resources with anyone other businesses.

- Organizations that opt for unmanaged dedicated servers can get a unique IP address. In the shared server, organizations or websites share the same IP address. So, if one website gets spammed, blacklisted, or hacked, this will impact the downtime and ranking of all the websites. But, with an unmanaged dedicated server, you can have your IP address that can secure your and your website visitor’s data.

- Unmanaged dedicated servers aren’t just more secure; they are also low-maintenance. You don’t have to spend your time managing local server updates or updating virus protection solutions.

- Unmanaged hosting is also cheaper than managed hosting and you get full freedom to focus on your business growth with an unmanaged hosting provider.


One of the most evident advantages of dedicated servers is that it is easily accessible to anyone who does or doesn’t have any knowledge about web services or servers in general. The hosting company takes care of everything in unmanaged dedicated servers, so you can focus on your growing business needs. Unmanaged servers are cheaper than managed servers. In addition to unmanaged dedicated hosting, there are other services as well like bitcoin hosting services that can assure the anonymity of your website.


Dedicated servers are single-tenant servers that are an upgrade from shared hosting in every aspect. These servers aid enterprises to set up a workload-optimal IT environment and be in complete control of the hosting setup. The dedicated servers in Georgia present notable improvements in every regard ranging from scalability and performance to reliability and security.


- For one, they can set up a server in-house with skilled IT staff and a sound server room. You can have complete control over your device, but the network connectivity can be an issue, and the upfront costs are high.

- Businesses that don’t want to invest in on-premise space or equipment, rent a server from a service provider, and they can control the server configuration. However, the vendor handles the devices and the maintenance,

- The next option is colocation hosting where colocation enables a business to set up a privately owned server at a third-party data center

- Better scalability

Hosting providers enable you to adapt your dedicated server’s hardware at any time. You can easily request at any time for bandwidth, storage space, processing power, etc. and the vendor will adjust the server to meet the new requirements So, you get the maxed out benefits of dedicated servers if you align your business objectives with the hosting plan.

- Better reliable uptime

When your traffic or usage spikes in a shared server, there are chances that the website’s performance will degrade quickly. In that scenario, the typical consequences are high bounce rates and loss of revenue. But, with a dedicated server, your site or app always runs smoothly irrespective of the usage or traffic, and as long as you configure the device correctly, you can always provide a seamless user experience.

- Unique IP Address

Shared servers have the drawback of penalizing the IP address as they host multiple clients that operate from the same IP address. In the Ip address, if one tenant does black hat SEO, or starts spamming, search engines penalize the entire website. But, with dedicated hosting, you get a unique IP address.


Why just Georgia, you can also go for a dedicated server in Germany. If your company needs a dedicated server, but it doesn’t have the time or resources to manage a server on its own, you can always go for dedicated server hosting as a low-cost alternative to reducing the overhead of purchasing server space!

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