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  • image-20210511150427-1.jpeg 2021-05-11 15:14

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    Why car rental in Dubai is the best option for traveling in this city?

    Car rental in Dubai is one of the main necessities for tourists. time is gold and to avoid wasting time in taxis, buses and subways, you can visit all the tourist attractions of Dubai by renting a car in Dubai. Just a quick glance at the highways and roads of Dubai will tempt you to drive at full speed on these roads. Dubai is one of the top cities in the world in terms of driving infrastructure.

  • Italy’s Ambassador to Tehran Giuseppe Perrone 2021-05-10 12:35

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    Domus Eyes on Iran, Episode VI

    I was invited to the Embassy of Italy by Mr. Ambassador Perrone, to watch one of the episodes of “Dumos Eyes on Iran” series, about Tehran’s contemporary art museum.

  • Iran Visa 2021-05-05 11:43

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    How Can You Get Iran Visa?

    What are the documents for applying for a visa? How long is it valid? What is Iran E-visa? Can I get an Iran visa on arrival (VOA)? We answer all you need to know about the Iran visa policy in this article.

  • SNOWA 2021-05-02 14:35

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    Tens of Millions of Dollars of Investment on Research and Development by SNOWA

    As Iranian companies experience growth and development among countless challenges, the strategies outlined today for the future will play an important role in the quality of presence in the future. In the meantime, forward-looking investment in research and development is a key parameter.

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    Lucky Patcher Apk and KineMaster Pro Mod Review

    Android App and Game has a free and a Premium version. In free version you access to limited item to get full access to all item of the application you need to buy premium version. Mod Apk of an app is the unlocked Apk file of app that you get access to unlimited features.

  • image-20210427132447-1.jpeg 2021-04-27 15:38

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    Overview of Gamecube , SNES, N64 Roms Console

    Roms are old nostalgic games for console that convert into storage medium such as hard disk or flash memory. with these Roms you run nostalgic console games on your PC or Phone. all you need is Emulator of the Console. here we are intrdusing some of the most popular roms for you.

  • Eliminate the bad smell of refrigerator 2021-04-25 12:08

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    Eliminate the bad smell of refrigerator

    In IPEMDAD we have describe how to get rid of the bad smell of the refrigerator and freezer with a simple education and important recommendations, so you can have a clean and fragrant refrigerator.

  • Snowa 2021-04-20 15:37

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    SnowaTec: Snowa to Launch Innovation Factory in Isfahan

    Snowa Company, an Iranian producer of home appliances, is planning to establish a technology center inside the University of Isfahan in collaboration with the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

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    Get necessary travel information from lahzeakhar.com

    In this article LAHZEAKHAR helps us to know necessary tip of travel, totally get some information about destination can increase you’re enjoy, so please read it to end:

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    Social Media Follower Growth

    Social networks are one of the most important ways of communication between human beings says cyberg. Man is inherently a social being and seeks to connect with other human beings. In other words, progress in human societies occurred when social relations became wider and human relations became healthier and more appropriate. As human societies expand, people are thinking of expanding their means of communication.

  • Zigma8 2021-04-12 12:56

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    Zigma8: Iranian Creative Advertising Agency Wins Among International Rivals

    Going global is an ambition to which many Iranian businesses aspire, but being recognized globally is one that few achieve. Iran’s Zigma8 Advertising Agency—the only Iranian affiliate member of American Association of Advertising Agencies 4A’s and one of the most professional agencies for advertisement in Iran—not only achieved this, but did so with their globally-focused works.

  • image-20210404172734-1.jpeg 2021-04-04 17:38

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    Why you should visit Kish Island in Iran

    Kish is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Iran. Do you know why? Because it has many things a tourist can wish for; Kish island is very modernized to suit all visitors with any preference and at the same time, it has many traditional aspects for those in search of an Eastern touch.

  • image-20210327163246-1.jpeg 2021-03-27 16:37

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    Iranian Realtors in Utah

    Do you want to gain a solid profit through selling and purchasing houses in Utah? Are you looking for an entrepreneur? So here you are! Iranianrealtor.org is bringing you some brilliant information about not only Utah but also a useful guide for finding Iranian Realtors who could deliver many benefits in your investment.

  • image-20210323110730-1.jpeg 2021-03-23 11:10

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    Iranian Realtor in Newport Beach

    One of the most important investments all around the world is real estate transactions. It provides a huge opportunity for those who are seeking a great profit. But it has its risk assessments too. In this sense, it's better to ask for help from a professional realtor.

  • image-20210323110317-1.jpeg 2021-03-23 11:06

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    Iranian Realtors in Wyoming

    ​​​​​​One of the most important issues in life could be an investment and the consideration of gaining benefits through a fair deal. Wyoming is an affordable place to live and work. Due to the fact that there is no personal or corporate income tax in Wyoming, your investment could be approximately successful.

  • image-20210323105239-1.jpeg 2021-03-23 10:58

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    Iranian Realtors in West Virginia

    ​​​​​​​Although buying and purchasing properties are so risky, it may bring you some noticeable benefits. West Virginia is one of the dreamlands for real estate investments. Because besides the beautiful scenery and landscape it is very affordable.

  • image-20210323104653-1.jpeg 2021-03-23 10:51

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    Realtors in Vermont

    Owning properties and lands has always been the key to success in the world of investment. By knowing the key factors, not only can you have a steady income, but also you can avoid wasting money. Suppose you are searching for such a crucial deal in Vermont.

  • image-20210321122823-1.jpeg 2021-03-21 12:35

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    Iranian Realtors in South Dakota

    Every kind of wish that a human being can have is to some or great extent related to money. To achieve our goal, the first step is thinking about the authentic ways of earning money and increasing it. Time should be saved in this process; otherwise, the fortune earned would bring no benefit for us.

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    Iranian Realtors in Rhode Island

    The first thing that comes to mind thinking about having our own business and investing our money is how much risk it can have, which can be a stumbling block and doesn’t let us achieve what is really achievable. Thinking about owning a house in another country or doing a housing business is like living over the clouds.

  • image-20210319163839-1.jpeg 2021-03-19 16:43

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    Iranian Realtors in Oregon

    If you want to have a prosperous life and you haven’t thought about investing in houses, try it once. Although there are so many ways to earn money and your living, the safest and fastest way is always preferred. Also, the interest that can be obtained through that investment is as important as the other two mentioned points.

  • image-20210318141825-1.jpeg 2021-03-18 14:24

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    Iranian Realtors in Ohio

    Investment and making profits has always been a challenging issue for many of us due to its risks it may have. That’s why most of us avoid investing and are satisfied with the least amount of money we have. We usually think, “We are safe, why taking risks?”

  • image-20210318141340-1.jpeg 2021-03-18 14:20

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    Iranian Realtors in North Carolina

    There is an undeniable fact that earning money and increasing it has always been a complicated or even a dreamy issue for most of us. But looking at the wealthy and making a fortune moment by moment shows that it cannot be a dream and can be fulfilled. Some of these wealthy people are in the housing business.

  • image-20210317150943-1.jpeg 2021-03-17 15:15

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    Iranian Realtors in New Mexico

    Money is an undeniable fact in everybody’s life. The fact is if it is limited, it cannot meet all our needs, especially with the rocketing rate of inflation that is widespread nowadays, to some extent, all over the world. So, the only way to tackle this problem is an investment in the fields with the lowest risk rate.

  • image-20210317121555-1.jpeg 2021-03-17 12:22

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    Iranian Realtors in Maine

    Making profits nowadays in such a world with a weak and unstable economy is one of many US’s primary mindsets. To achieve what everyone desires, it is better to find the safest approach to invest. Every kind of business has its risks. However, the rate of risk can decline by getting help from a specialist in the field. Let’s see what real estate agencies can bring us.

  • Hamrah Aval 2021-03-09 15:24

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    Hamrah-e Aval Digital Platforms Monitoring Center Inaugurated

    Hamrah-e Aval (Mobile Company of Iran, MCI)’s Digital Platforms Monitoring Center was inaugurated in the presence of Secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace Abolhassan Firouzabadi.

  • image-20210228164229-1.jpeg 2021-02-28 16:52

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    5 features that make Persian an easy language to learn

    Persian (or Farsi) is an Indo-European language spoken by around 100 million people around the world. You may have heard of this language or even thought about learning it. However, because it uses an Arabic script, it looks very intimidating and difficult to learn. In this post, I am going to take you through 5 features that make learning Persian easier than you think. And if you are patient to the end of this post I also mention 3 features that make it a bit difficult.

  • image-20210224111306-1.jpeg 2021-02-24 22:51

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    Tips of Ordering Gold & Jewellery Online

    If you be a jewelry buyer, you know that the price of ready-made jewelry is a little different from custom-made. Many people are willing to order a special and unique  jewelry by ordering Custom-made, or order gold that they have seen and liked the model. In this report, we will introduce you to the terms and steps of jewelry customization.

  • Naderi cookies 2021-02-23 15:48

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    Fake News Poses a Threat to National Product

    Naderi cookies (Koloocheh) were reported to be carcinogenic in the foreign (international) Persian-language media, according to a German publication. After the necessary examinations and tests, the health of this product was reaffirmed.

  • coronavirus 2021-02-23 15:33

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    Why is it difficult to make a vaccine for the coronavirus?

    In the human body, hereditary traits are transmitted by a ladder-shaped, twisted molecule called DNA. During cell division, the two strands of DNA separate, and a new copy is made from each strand. In this way, each new cell will have a single strand of DNA molecule in the nucleus. During the fabrication of DNA strands, a modifying agent confirms the accuracy of the molecule made. If the genetic mutations are produced incorrectly in the DNA, what is produced will fail. However, many viruses, such as coronaviruses, have a single-stranded molecule called RNA instead of DNA. These viruses transmit hereditary traits to new viruses by the same RNA.

  • image-20210215182616-1.png 2021-02-15 18:31

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    You can find the best quality furniture for your office at furniture shops in Dubai

    Not only for your company office, but you can also find different types of the appropriate furniture for your home office in Furniture shops in Dubai. One of the important and essential parts of office furniture is the office chair. Whether you are an employer or an employee, your office furniture will be an effective point on your work quality.  If you choose a good office chair which is suitable for your usage and needs, your productivity will increase and you will be an effective force for your company.