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  • image-20201117110601-1.jpeg 2020-11-17 22:39

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    Future of Transportation Industry during COVID-19 Pandemic

    Mohammadreza Dezfulian, one of entrepreneurs and mangers of the logistics and transportation industry, has, in an analysis, weighed in on the importance of this industry during the corornavirus outbreak, its future and the necessity of offering special support to drivers working in this industry.

  • Education 2020-11-13 13:18

    5 Trends in Education to watch out for in 2020

    Just as the world around is evolving to diverse circumstances, education is a field not far behind. There has been a massive change in learning outcomes bringing about a shift in student perspective as well, highlighted by many educational trends doing the rounds.

  • image-20201110162258-1.jpeg 2020-11-10 16:36

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    Increasing Demand for Viscosity Grade Bitumen in India

    Viscosity grades of bitumen have played a strong role in Indian bitumen market, in recent years. Over 60 percent of road projects in the country use various grades of VG bitumen, including VG-10, VG-40 and more than other grades VG-30.

  • Startup 2020-11-07 17:59

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    Startup Activist, Mitra Ferdows Shares Her Expertise on Supporting Startups

    Mitra Ferdows, a startup investment expert, stressed the need to support new businesses and startups in a meeting with academic elites and investors.

  • “Our City” media festival calls for works 2020-11-04 15:23

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    “Our City” media festival calls for works

    The first edition of media festival of “Our City” has called on participants to submit their works for the event, scheduled to take place this fall.

  • image-20201104141720-1.jpeg 2020-11-04 14:31

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    Find the (best) Iranian Dentists in Montreal

    According to IranianDentist.org, Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells that invade and destroy the tissues around them. In oral cancer, cells' growth in the mouth also causes a wound that does not heal. Oral cancer can affect the lips, tongue, cheeks, roof of the mouth, soft palate, hard palate, sinuses, and throat, and if left untreated, there is even a risk of death.

  • image-20201101115420-1.jpeg 2020-11-01 15:00

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    Find the (best) Iranian Dentists in Vancouver

    According to IranianDentist.org, The dentist specializes in the evaluation, follow-up, and treatment of oral, dental, and gum diseases. The ‌Best Iranian Dentists in Vancouver who work in this field identify diseases and problems of the mouth and teeth with their expertise and experience. Excellent Iranian Dentists start the treatment with special dental techniques and tools after diagnosing and identifying the mouth and teeth problem.

  • Mitra Ferdows 2020-11-01 10:45

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    Startup Activist, Mitra Ferdows Shares Her Expertise on Supporting Startups 

    Mitra Ferdows, a startup investment expert, stressed the need to support new businesses and startups in a meeting with academic elites and investors.

  • Abadan 11 60 2020-10-27 10:36

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    Hamrav Aval to screen “Abadan 11 60” movie online

    With its financial support, Hamrah Aval (Mobile Telecommunications Company of Iran, MCI) will screen a length-feature film entitled “Abadan 11 60”, directed by Mehrdad Khoshbakht and produced by Hassan Kalami, after being screened in cinema halls in the country. It should be noted that the movie will be screened online.

  • image-20201026153020-1.jpeg 2020-10-26 15:41

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    Zistagilsonite; Iranian supplier of gilsonite

    ZistaGilsonite started its activities in 2008 as a division of Zista Group with supply of the rare mineral of Uintaite also called natural bitumen or Gilsonite from Iran.

  • Hamrah-e Aval 2020-10-12 11:24

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    Hamrah-e Aval offers mobile services to 60mn subscribers simultaneously

    As the first and largest operator of mobile phone in the country, Hamrah-e Aval (Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran, MCI) offered high-quality mobile services to 60 million subscribers simultaneously and left a significant record for itself in this respect.

  • image-20201006114318-1.jpeg 2020-10-06 11:49

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    URIDE shared e-scooters system received a warm welcome at the Clean Tourism Event.

    Tehran has many problems in terms of environmental aspects including high rates of air pollution, high traffic volume through the day and high prices for transportation through the city. It seems that these problems will be present for a long time.

  • Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) 2020-10-04 18:53

    Rouhani to inaugurate Iran’s smart school network

    TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhnai is scheduled to officially inaugurate the first phase of Iran’s smart school network via videoconference on Monday.

  • World Car Free Day Ceremony 2020-09-26 16:10

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    URIDE unveiled its new "Shared Scooter System" at "World Car Free Day Ceremony"

    This micromobility sharing program called URIDE, will officially start its activity in one month as a genuine response to the growing microtransit market in Iran. This project will include bicycles and electric scooters as shared transport.

  • TAP 2020-09-19 15:53

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    Travel in Iran

    What is the state of Iran's tourism? Fortunately, Iran took an early hit with Coronavirus. Officials took immediate measures to lighten the strain on society. The mandatory quarantine in Iran was helpful in hindering the outbreak. In March 2020, WHO and a couple of international institutes made a visit to Iran in order to conduct a technical support mission for out-break. According to the reports revealed by WHO, “Iran’s strategies to control the virus are in the right direction and a comprehensive coordinated approach is being applied”.

  • image-20200911191104-1.jpeg 2020-09-11 19:15

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    Persian Restaurants in Massachusetts

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, For an eating establishment to run properly, several types of restaurant employees are required and a meticulously selected and high-performing team is one of the key factors in making a restaurant successful. There are several categories of personnel in Persian Restaurants in Massachusetts such as: managers, cooks, servers, buspersons, dishwashers, hosts and bartenders that have a specific function and contribute to the operation of the restaurant.

  • image-20200911174459-1.jpeg 2020-09-11 17:50

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    Persian Restaurants in Maryland

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, These days, the average person has a variety of restaurant options to choose from. Restaurants range from unpretentious family-run eateries for people working nearby with simple food at low cost, to high-priced places serving food and wine in a formal setting.

  • image-20200908185202-1.jpeg 2020-09-08 18:57

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    Persian Restaurants in Maine

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, The restaurant business is highly competitive; by putting in place an effective marketing strategy, Persian Restaurants can stand out among their competitors. Having a marketing plan for your Persian Restaurant in Maine is essential both for retaining current customers and maintaining healthy long-term growth. Marketing brings new customers by informing them about the service a restaurant is offering.

  • Marcopolo Tourism Group 2020-09-08 10:58

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    Marcopolo Tourism Group is Awarded as a Distinguished Entrepreneur in 2019 - 2020

    Marcopolo Tourism Group, due to the creative and effective measures in tourism industry as well as developing business processes and patterns and empowering human resources and increasing efficiency, with regard to the 3-year consecutive positive assessment of the company, was selected as a Distinguished Entrepreneur in 2019 – 2020 and Dr. Hassan Taghizadeh Ansari, the managing director of Marcopolo Tourism Group was selected and awarded as a distinguished Entrepreneur by the 13th Festival of Entrepreneurship organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.   

  • image-20200907184107-1.jpeg 2020-09-07 18:45

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    Persian Restaurants in Louisiana

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, Hygiene in restaurants and implementation of hygiene standards and procedures for the staff is the best way of gaining the trust of customers. Hygiene is the second most important factor which is required to run a restaurant after maintaining the quality of food. The restaurants’ staffs are representation of establishment, and their hygiene and habits should match accordingly. If a waiter in the Persian Restaurant in Louisiana is not presentable, customers assume the whole restaurant is unclean.

  • image-20200907181241-1.jpeg 2020-09-07 18:20

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    Persian Restaurants in Kansas

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, A successful restaurant has an environment that matches the food it is serving and the customers it attracts. People go to Persian Restaurants in Kansas to spend some memorable moments with friends and family while enjoying food. So in Persian Restaurants, parking, seating, service, food and drink quality, the payment process, customer’s departure, and all interactions with staff and management in between, must be on point.

  • image-20200906161229-1.jpeg 2020-09-06 16:20

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    Persian Restaurants in Indiana

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, Chefs ensure the meals are cooked and seasoned properly and that they are pleasing to the eye. They also have the responsibility of planning menus, help and supervise the preparation of dishes as well as developing recipes. The chefs in Persian Restaurants in Indiana order supplies and receive them in the kitchen. Every restaurant’s reputation lies with the chef of the eatery. Therefore, the responsibilities of a chef are quite significant.

  • image-20200906113434-1.jpeg 2020-09-06 11:40

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    Persian Restaurants in Iowa

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, Most people think a cook and a chef are the same thing. The two terms are used interchangeably so it can be hard to know what the difference is between them.

  • image-20200902124907-1.jpeg 2020-09-02 12:55

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    Persian Restaurants in Michigan

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, By definition, restaurant is a place where you can eat a meal and pay for it. A restaurant concept is the overall idea or theme that defines the restaurant. Concepts include the menu's design, service style, dining room decor, and most importantly the style of food. Fine Dining is a restaurant concept that offers patrons the finest in food, service, and atmosphere. Fine dining restaurants have a formal atmosphere and are almost always a sit down restaurant, and have a fancier menu than most restaurants. Fine dining Persian Restaurants in Michigan are always leaning towards an exclusive vibe which includes the plates, flatware, linens as well as the furniture.

  • image-20200901172935-1.jpeg 2020-09-01 17:35

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    Persian Restaurants in Kentucky

    ​​​​​​​According to PersianRestaurant.org, Food is the most crucial part of the overall restaurant experience and food quality has been accepted as a fundamental component to satisfy restaurant customers. One of the biggest factors that make people go to a restaurant is because they believe that they are going to get the best food. The customer in a Persian Restaurant in Kentucky expects the food to be what is promised on the menu, to be cooked and prepared properly, to be clean and to have the correct flavor which is considered quality food.

  • image-20200901170028-1.jpeg 2020-09-01 17:06

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    Persian Restaurants in Missouri

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, Fast food is a name for food that is made and presented to costumers in short time. It is usually made with preheated or precooked ingredients. The history of fast food goes back to ancient times. Something similar to the modern day fast food was originated in ancient Rome. The ancient Greeks used a special term “Thermopolium” to define this kind of food. There are many different types of Persian Restaurants in Missouri that come in all shapes and sizes and fast food is the most familiar restaurant to most people and due to its speed and convenience, fast food restaurants are typically chains.

  • image-20200831180203-1.jpeg 2020-08-31 18:22

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    Persian Restaurants in Mississippi

    According to PersianRestaurant.org,By definition a person whose occupation is to serve at table in a restaurant is called waiter (or waitress). In general waiters or waitresses are responsible for taking orders and serving food and beverages to guests. They play an important role in the food and beverage industry. Waiters in Persian Restaurants in Mississippi are the main contact between the customer and the kitchen and ensuring that the customer's needs are met. For instance a bad customer service, including excessive waiting for the check, can effectively discourage the customers from returning.

  • image-20200831154058-1.jpeg 2020-08-31 15:48

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    Persian Restaurants in Minnesota

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, When choosing a restaurant for eating out, customers may first look at the furniture to help them form the decision. Because furniture is an essential part of any Persian Restaurant in Minnesota, it can make or break restaurant’s reputation and opportunity to generate revenue. Furnishings communicate to the customer what kind of food and service to expect, significantly influencing the restaurant’s table turnover rates and sales.

  • image-20200826115440-1.jpeg 2020-08-26 12:02

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    Persian Restaurants in Illinois

    According to PersianRestaurant.org,  There are two major factors that customers consider when choosing a Persian Restaurant in Illinois: ambiance and price. Those factors are also the key difference between fine dining and casual dining experiences. It can be difficult to understand what a casual dining experience is and how fancy a fine dining restaurant will appear. Casual dining is friendlier and more informal, whereas fine dining exudes a more elegant and formal atmosphere.

  • image-20200825155233-1.jpeg 2020-08-25 15:56

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    Persian Restaurants in Idaho

    According to PersianRestaurant.org, No matter the type of a Persian Restaurant in Idaho, a small bakery or a big family restaurant, one of the most essential things is having great staff. A restaurant is only as successful as the team running it. The employees of a Persian Restaurant in Idaho directly control the guest experience, both behind the scenes and on the front lines, so having the best people and the most important positions filled is a must for survival a Persian Restaurant.