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Export Company Selling Iranian

February 12, 2023 - 23:27
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Pistachios, along with the export of dried fruits and nuts, are among the non-oil exports of countries. Pistachio seeds are used as food because they have a very high nutritional value.

Pistachios are produced in many countries including Iran, America, Turkey, Syria, China, Greece, Italy and Afghanistan.

However, the top producers of pistachio exports in the world are the United States and Iran, which accounted for 47% and 38% of global production in 2017 and 2018, respectively. In recent years, the production and consumption of this nutrient has increased continuously, leading to the development of the pistachio industry with an income of several million dollars.

Export Company Selling Iranian

Iranian pistachios

Export of Iranian pistachios

Are you looking to export pistachios? Are you an exporter and need more information? In any case, we have decided to deal with the market analysis of buying and selling imported pistachios in this part. Please stay with us.

Iranian pistachios are produced and cultivated in different cities, and export pistachios have different items, each of which is selected for export to a specific country. Exported pistachios include Akbari pistachio, Badami pistachio, Kale Ghochi, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandango (Ohdi), Shah Pasand, Abbas Ali, Cherok, Khanjari and an example of early ripening pistachio called Red Pistachio.

Do you know the various methods of exporting Pistachios?

Akbari Pistachio

The first method is to export fresh pistachios: this type of pistachios is only sent to neighboring countries.

The second method of exporting dried pistachios: it is possible to send dried pistachios to distant and European countries for the exporter. Because fresh pistachios spoil quickly due to exposure to hot weather or improper transportation.

High quality Iranian pistachios

For this reason, the largest volume of Iranian pistachios is exported in dry form. Also, the export range of this product includes almost most countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and even America. There are many types of Iranian pistachios, but usually the exported pistachios are selected from limited samples. Of course, the index of the best pistachios for export to each country is different.

By mass producing pistachios at much cheaper prices than Iran's exported pistachios, the United States has been able to capture a large volume of international markets for pistachioexports.

But the thing that distinguishes Iran's exported pistachios from its foreign samples is the special taste of Iranian pistachios, which naturally and without any flavoring made this product unique. To check the price of Iran's best exported pistachios, visit our website at kivaaz.

Export parameters of the best Iranian pistachios

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei

Below are the most important parameters of Iranian pistachio exports:

  • standards

  • Iran's exported pistachio consumption culture

  • The amount of export pistachio demand on different days

  • Market price elasticity

  • Quality in pistachio export

In order to analyze, separate the export and purchase and sale of Iranian pistachio exports from different countries, we have investigated so that the exporter can have a cost-effective export based on this information.

First class Iranian pistachios

Which country is the largest supplier of European Pistachios?

Usually, pistachios for export to Europe are supplied by the United States, which are in two types, round and jumbo, and the equivalent of Iranian pistachios can be called pistachio nuts and goat's head pistachios. Therefore, it can be said that these two pistachio samples sell better in European markets.

Is it necessary to have an aflatoxin certificate to export Pistachios to Arab countries?

The conditions for exporting pistachios to Arab countries are completely different from pistachio exports to Europe. This is because there is no need to obtain aflatoxin certification for export to these countries, and only the customs standards of the sender and receiver are sufficient. Therefore, it can be said that the variety of exported pistachios is higher for such countries.

This is the reason why exporters usually choose Arab countries to boost their business, and exporting pistachios to Qatar as well as exporting pistachios to Oman are the most suitable options for pistachio exports among traders.

Sending export pistachios to Afghanistan and Iraq

Usually, first and second grade pistachios, which are usually grade B pistachios, are exported to Afghanistan at a cheaper price. Iraqi traders also have a great desire to buy Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, who generally buy these products either in bulk or packaged. Class B pistachios are the best option for exporting pistachios to Iraq and they have many buyers. This is because they have a better price than other exported pistachios.

What is the most suitable type of pistachio for export to Oman and Qatar?

According to the price of Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios and their appearance, these two products can be called the most suitable options for exporting pistachios to Oman and Qatar.

In the end, you should also consider the fact that other Arab countries may want to re-export pistachios and sell Iranian pistachios to other countries. In this case, a request to buy hazelnut pistachios, goat heads and sometimes almonds may be given to Iranian traders.

What is the best export pistachio for Arab countries?

In general, according to the mentioned cases, the best export pistachios for Arab countries according to the market tension are Akbari in the first place and Ahmad Aghaei in the second place.

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