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Isfahan traditional hotels with unique architecture

March 6, 2023 - 16:8

Isfahan, an ancient and old city with a history of thousands of years, if you follow the river, you will find many historical buildings. This lively city welcomes many guests every year and invites them to visit the historical buildings that are still standing.

If you want to be a guest of this city for a few days, you should book one of the hotels in Isfahan so that you can see its tourist attractions with enough time. According to the historical background of Isfahan, there are many traditional hotels with special architecture, which are a world full of wonders to see and enjoy. In this article, we intend to introduce you to the traditional hotels of Isfahan that have special architectures; In addition, we describe the list of attractions in Isfahan so that you can prepare a complete plan.

List of Isfahan hotels with special and different architecture

If you want to experience a complete trip and everything in your life, travel to Isfahan, stay in its traditional hotels and then visit its most popular places of interest. You can book one of Isfahan's traditional hotels easily and with a special discount from Cita Reservation and experience a pleasant trip. Among these hotels, we can refer to Abbasi Hotel Isfahan, Qasr Monshi Hotel Isfahan, Shahsavaran Palace Hotel Isfahan, Sarhang Palace Hotel Isfahan, Khanneshin Hotel Isfahan, Khaneh Keshish Hotel Isfahan, Keryas Hotel Isfahan and Traditional Hotel Isfahan. The buildings of these hotels all belong to the Safavid and Qajar periods, which have been renovated and operated. In the following, you will get to know these hotels.

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel is one of the best hotels in Isfahan, which dates back to the Safavid era and was built in 1106 by the order of Shah Sultan Hossein Safavid. The Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan was originally a caravansary, then a guest house, and finally it serves tourists as a 5-star Abbasi Hotel with its unique Iranian architecture. This hotel was renovated in 1390 and has Safavid and Qajar suites for guests who are interested in traditional architecture. The special facilities of this hotel include two restaurants, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, coffee shop, traditional tea house, sports hall, medical services, conference hall and meeting hall.

Qasr Monshi Hotel Isfahan

Qasr Monshi Hotel is one of the hotels in Isfahan that was built in the late Safavid and early Qajar eras. This hotel was restored in 1394 and was finally renovated in 1400. The very special architecture of this hotel amazes domestic and foreign tourists. Qajar, Qaysarieh, Afshariya, Safavieh and Zandiye rooms are among the very beautiful rooms of this traditional hotel. The most popular and popular room of this residence is the mirror room, which is made with small mirrors and combined with traditional architecture. The special facilities of this hotel include restaurant, coffee shop, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and massage.

Shahsavaran Mansion Hotel, Isfahan

Shahsavaran Mansion Hotel is one of the best hotels in Isfahan with a very beautiful architecture that dates back to 150 years ago and belongs to the Qajar period. This mansion was bought and renovated by Mehdi Shahsavarian in 2018. After two years, i.e., 1400, it was put into operation. All the rooms of this hotel have traditional architecture and are mirrored. Facilities such as restaurant, coffee shop, parking, tour services, internet, etc. have been placed in this beautiful hotel for the comfort of guests.

Sarhang Palace Hotel, Isfahan

350 years ago, during the Safavid era, one of the hotels in Isfahan, which is very popular now, was built. 30 masters of different arts worked for the renovation of Sarhang Palace Hotel in Isfahan and displayed their art in the form it is now. All the rooms of this hotel are designed in a traditional style with Safavid architecture. Facilities such as restaurant, coffee shop, store, traditional tea house, jacuzzi and parking are provided to the guests.

Isfahan Khan Neshin Hotel

Khan Neshin Hotel is one of the best hotels in Isfahan, which belongs to the Safavid era. The distinguishing feature of this hotel is its high altitude compared to other traditional hotels. The exterior, interior and rooms of Khan Nashin Hotel have traditional architecture. This hotel has 1 floor, 10 rooms and 27 beds and has facilities such as restaurant, coffee shop, shopping center, traditional tea house, noon tour, parking and internet.

Keryas Hotel, Isfahan

Keryas Hotel Isfahan is one of the hotels in Isfahan, which dates back to the Qajar period and has a very special and beautiful architecture. In the past, this hotel was known as the historical house of Nizam al-Islam, after restoration in 2016, 15 different rooms with different capacities and designs were provided to tourists. Restaurant (with a capacity of 100 people), coffee shop, half-day tour, internet, currency exchange, etc. are among the facilities of this beautiful hotel.

Tourist attractions in Isfahan

After you have booked one of the best hotels in Isfahan with traditional architecture, you can prepare a complete plan to visit the sights of Isfahan. In this section, we have decided to introduce you to the most famous and popular attractions. Sio se pol Bridges, Khajo Bridge, Marnan Bridge, Naqshe Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Monarjonban, Ali Qapu Mansion, Chehelston Palace, Vank Church, Abbasi Chahar Baq, Hasht Behesht Palace, Chahar Baq School, Sheikh Bahai Hammam, and Ali Qali Aqa Hammam. It is among the most visited sightseeing places in Isfahan. Also, Saeb Tabrizi Tomb, Sofe Mountain park, Mount Atashgah, Jewel House, Bird Garden, Moshir Al Mulk House, Baba Qasim Tomb, Museum of Decorative Arts, Jame Atiq Mosque and Molabashi House are other places to visit in Isfahan.

We have reached the end of introducing the traditional hotels of Isfahan with special architecture. We hope that with the help of this article, you can easily book one of the hotels in Isfahan from Sita Reservation and then visit the attractions of Isfahan. If you have a memory of traveling to Isfahan and staying in its traditional hotels, share it with

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