Snow, Rain Covers Iran

March 11, 2001
The rain, which started yesterday afternoon, has cleaned up the air of Tehran and considerably decreased air pollution. However, because of heavy traffic, there is the possibility of a relative increase in carbon monoxide levels in the city center. Also, snow and rain destroyed tree blossoms in satellite towns to the west of Tehran. The gardeners of Shahriar, Taleqan and Savojbolaq have asked the relevant organizations for support. There was a snow fall of 10 centimeters in the town of Damavand yesterday. It had not snowed in Damavand for 20 days. Other provinces in Iran have also experienced rain and snow. In Gilan Province, some of the mountainous areas are covered with snow. In Roudbar, 10-15 centimeters of snow has accumulated. Also, in the past two days, 20 to 90 millimeters of rain has fallen. In Ardebil Province, schools were closed Saturday due to heavy snow. It also snowed in the city of Bojnourd yesterday following the last snowfall in that city nearly a month ago.