Heavy Snowfall in Different Parts of the Country

February 19, 2002
TEHRAN -- Heavy snowfall in Shemiranat district of Tehran, which continued up to Monday afternoon, brought joy to people and farmers.

Snow and storm have also closed linking roads in Qazvin Province's villages.

Starting from Sunday evening, the snowfall closed many mountainous roads in the province.

In Tehran Province the road from Shemshak to Dizin is also closed because of heavy snow.

According to the Ministry of Roads and Transportation in many mountainous roads snowfall has started and the drivers are recommended to equip their vehicles with necessary means.

In the meantime, snow in Hamedan has whitened vast areas of the city.

The snowfall in some parts reached 10 centimeters and has caused problems for the traffic of vehicles.

The Hamedan meteorological department has announced that the snow, which started from Monday morning, will continue for hours.

On Monday heavy snow covered most parts of Karaj as well.

Snowfall has decreased the temperature, slowed traffic, and caused slipperiness of the roads in the district of Karaj.

The snowfall in Karaj has reached 3 centimeters and in the heights to more than 10 centimeters.

The snowfall will continue till 10 o'clock a.m. on Tuesday.

According to the Karaj meteorology office the temperature in Karaj stands at minus 3 degree Celsius.

The schools of Taleqan district were closed due to heavy snowfall on Monday.