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  • Reza Pahlavi to be featured in new Iran International program: report 2019-07-06 18:52

    Reza Pahlavi to be featured in new Iran International program: report

    TEHRAN – Reza Pahlavi, the son of Iran’s last dictator, will soon be featured in a TV program broadcast by the UK-based Iran International TV channel, which is linked to Saudi Arabia, according to Nour News.

  • Nima Zam 2019-03-05 14:01

    By Mohsen Mohammadi

    Iran’s Intelligence Body rolls out documentary on infiltrating France-based anti-Iran media

    TEHRAN - Television Channel 2 of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting (IRIB) aired a documentary film on an anti-Iran figure famous for his self-proclaimed leaked information against the country, revealing how the country’s intelligence forces had extensive surveillance over him and played him for a long span of time.

  • پهلوی 2018-11-16 20:31

    Saudi Arabia’s $300 million aid to Reza Pahlavi for provoking protests in Iran

    According to Saudi Arabia’s closest sources, recently there was a visit between Ambassador of Saudi Arabia and some senior Saudi officials with Reza Pahlavi in New York in which the son of a former Iranian king has demanded Saudis to help him in his activities against the Iranian government. Saudi Arabia has accepted the request and promised to help him if he performs some protests in the big cities of Iran.

  • Hamid Baeidinejad 2018-01-08 19:48

    Iranian envoy urges former prince to clarify suicides in his family 

    TEHRAN – Iran’s ambassador to London has said that Reza Pahlavi, the son of former king Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, must manage his own family affairs and answer questions about suicides in his family, instead of working against the Islamic Republic.

  • Coelho to Reza Pahlavi: Shut up  2018-01-05 19:52

    Paulo Coelho to Reza Pahlavi: Shut up

    TEHRAN – Paulo Coelho, author of the widely translated novel The Alchemist, has blasted Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last Shah of Iran, for attempting to stage a coup in Iran, saying Iranians will support their country in such case.