Arabic Versified Translation of Hafez to Come out in Egypt

September 7, 2003 - 0:0
TEHRAN (Mehr News Agency) – The contemporary Lebanese poet Mohammad-Ali Shams od-din has recently translated 75 ghazals of Hafez into Arabic.

“I have rendered 73 ghazals into verse, trying to keep the eloquence and originality of the poems,” said the poet.

“Since I am extremely interested in Hafez and his poetry, I have tried to translate a selection of his lyrics into Arabic, although it seemed to be really hard,” he added.

His translation as well as a complete introduction is soon to be published by Dar-ul Shorouq in Egypt.

Lebanese poet Shams od-din was born in 1942 and has got his Ph.D. in history.

Hafez (c. 1325-c. 1389), Persian poet, was born in Shiraz. Originally named Mohammad Shams od-din, he gained the respectful title Hafez, meaning “one who has memorized the Qur’an”, as a teacher of the Qur’an. His poems reflect the Sufi's burning passion for union with the divine.

Hafez's work, collected under the title of Divan, contains more than 500 poems, commonly known as 'ghazal', a poetic form which he brought to perfection.

Hafez is greatly admired both in Iran and in the West.