Tahmasb and Jebelli returning with “Under the Peach Tree”

February 6, 2006
TEHRAN -- The comedy duo Iraj Tahmasb and Hamid Jebelli are returning with the film “Under the Peach Tree”, which is to premiere during the Noruz (Iranian New Year) holidays, which begin on March 21, ISNA reported on Sunday.

Co-written by Tahmasb and Jebelli, “Under the Peach Tree” tells the story of an extended family in which one member hates peaches. Family members avoid using the word “peach”, but the adventure begins when a peach is found among the fruits in a basket prepared for the family. Tahmasb also directed the film.

“This film is not only a comedy. We should find a new term for it. We believe that it will be one of the immortal films of Iranian cinema,” said Hamid Modarresi, who produced the film along with his brother Majid.

“Due to the fact that a professional crew collaborates with Tahmasb in his films, this film will also be successful at the box office like ‘The Pastry Girl’ and ‘Kolah-Qermezi’,” he added.

Fatemeh Motamed-Aria, Shohreh Lorestani, Atash Taqipur, Purandokht Mahiman, and Ali-Asghar Shahbazi are the main members of the cast.

Tahmasb’s directorial credits include “Kolah-Qermezi and Pesar-Khaleh” (1992), “Once Upon a Time” (1997), “The Pastry Girl” (2000), and “Kolah-Qermezi and Sarvenaz” (2001), in which he also acted along with Jebelli. He has also starred in several other movies.