Shiraz to host carpet exhibition over New Year holidays

March 12, 2006 - 0:0
TEHRAN -- An exhibition entitled “Carpets from Design to Texture” is to open on March 17 at the Karim Khan Citadel in Shiraz, Fars Province.

The various processes of preparing cotton, thread dying, design, and weaving different types of carpets like kilim, gabbeh, jajim, and other kinds of nomads’ rugs are to be displayed.

The exhibition will be open during the Noruz (Iranian New Year) holidays, which begin March 21.

In addition, two other exhibits showcasing photos of Shiraz and traditional handicrafts of Fars will be held at the same time at the historic citadel.

The Karim Khan Citadel is located in the center of Shiraz.

The castle is a square-shaped structure with four towers 14 meters high on its four sides that was constructed in 1754 on the orders of Karim Khan Zand, a ruler of Iran who refused to call himself a king and instead called himself the “vakil al-roaya”, which means the representative of the people.