Shams Langerudi to talk on Persian poetry in Germany

July 19, 2007 - 0:0

He will talk about the current state of Persian poetry, recite Persian poems and reply to questions from the audience.

“I believe that Iranian emigrants took our literary works beyond the borders of this country. Their children, who have the ability to compare literature, should introduce our texts to the world,” he told Persian service of ISNA. “The second generation of emigrants knows the culture and language of the country they live in and should become familiar with the writings of Iranian authors. I would like them to be my listeners so that I can explain Persian literature to them,” he added. On the sidelines of the event, Jafar Shafii will speak about the history of Iranian emigration and its influence on Persian writers. The event is cosponsored by the Dehkhoda Dictionary Foundation and Jafar Shafii