Cleric: Washington leaders after velvet revolution

July 21, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN (IRIB) -- Friday prayers leader Ahmad Khatami said here Friday the U.S. administration is after a velvet revolution not in Iran but in all countries.

""This U.S. policy has been successful in certain countries but it failed in Iran like all the other U.S. conspiracies failed in Iran,"" Khatami said during his Friday prayers sermon in Tehran. ""The U.S. has always taken velvet revolution into consideration by promoting Western culture in the society and by causing strife between people and the government through propaganda, organizing certain individuals, psychological warfare and making intentional use of media, intellectual circles, university student's establishments and feminism movements in order to implement its interfering policies,"" he added. Khatami pointed to developments in Palestine, saying, ""The Palestinian government and parliament have been formed based on the votes of the Palestinian people but we witness the arrogance attitude towards this democratic parliament and government by the western countries."" ""The world knows that democracy is the only issue that the U.S. does not intend to materialize and its only desire is to dominate the world's independent states."" The Friday prayers leader also stated, a ""meeting was held in France with the presence of all the Lebanese groups over recent days which stressed on the importance of establishing a national unity government in Lebanon."" He added, ""The Lebanese Hezbollah raised the issue of establishing a national unity government in Lebanon last year as to be the only solution to the crisis in that country. ""The Lebanese government together with all its allies opposed Hezbollah's offer at that time, but one year later all the Lebanese statesmen and political groups accepted it."" He stated, ""I strongly believe that the same way the Lebanese Hezbollah won the military battle, it will be a winner in the political scene of the country too.""