Sunni MP calls on Muslims not to be influenced by extremists

July 30, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)-- A representative of the Sunni Muslims at the Iranian parliament lashed out at the recent Fatwas (religious decrees) issued by Saudi religious leaders for the destruction of the Shiite Muslims' holy sites, and called on Muslims not to be influenced by the negative moves of extremists.

Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, member of the Sunni and Kurd Fraction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Abed Fattahi described the said fatwa as a measure sowing seeds of discord among Muslims, and stressed the need for consolidated and enhanced unity and solidarity among Muslims. He reminded that the entire Muslim Ummah (nation) follows the same prophet, has the same book (the holy Koran) and prays towards the same Kiblah, and said, ""Those who sow discord between the Shiite and Sunni brothers are Satan's brothers and friends."" The lawmaker further called on all regional states not to be affected by the moves of radical Muftis, Jurisprudents, and clergies and to solve problems through their governments. The Sunni legislator underlined solidarity among Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Iran, saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran has no problem with Sunni Muslims. ""There is no problem between the Iranian Shiites and Sunnis, Iranian Muslims stress solidarity and unity and will defuse the plots which aim to bring tension to the countries' relations,"" he underscored. Fattahi also underlined that people would never follow the radicals who seek to create a gap among them, saying that the Shiite and Sunni Muslims are and will remain brothers and friends for good. To conclude his remarks, he described Shiites and Sunnis as two wings of the religion of Islam