'DIY' mother gives birth in store

July 31, 2007 - 0:0

A woman put a new meaning to ""do it yourself"" when she gave birth to a baby daughter in the middle of a DIY store.

Sue Jarvis became a new mum in the paint aisle at Wilkinsons in Beaumont Leys, Leicester.
When her waters broke she phoned husband James who came from their home in Huncote, Leicestershire, in time to deliver 7lb 5oz Karrisa himself.
Jarvis, 38, praised staff at the hardware store who came to her assistance during the 30-minute birth.
She said: ""I knew my waters had broken when I used the ladies' loo but Karrisa was ready to come out.
""I kept thinking about how undignified it all was, but the Wilkinson staff were brilliant and they did everything they could to keep my dignity.""
The shop's manager Gary Brewin said he was immensely proud of his staff.
""They all rallied round,"" he said. ""Some were blocking the aisles off to customers while others were at the sharp end trying to help.
""We've had pregnant ladies come in since then and ask where the delivery suite is.""
(Source: BBC