Invention by the Winner of 2007 National Automotive Olympiad

August 1, 2007 - 0:0

The 19-year old Iranian designer, Soheil Noorani, who achieved the First Rank at this year’s Automobile Olympiad talks about his invention, motives, and hopes:

We are living in an era of rapid technological changes and advancements impacting our daily lives worldwide. Auto industry among others, is experiencing rapid global technological evolution mechanically and electronically which is responsible for more efficient, secure, and convenient means of transportation.
Scrutinizing the mechanical design and operations of automobiles played a major role in my desire and interest to design and develop new machine solutions for automotive performance product.
Upon the completion of the design, I began the process of obtaining the parts to materialize my idea. The major parts and components some of which I built from raw material were transistors, diode-bridges, electrolyte lenses, micro switches, resistors, ultra-red sensors, crystals, relays, electric engines, and coils.
The design can potentially be modified for easy customization according to user’s needs and desired features via modified computer soft wares fed into the system. This includes but not limited to taping, slotting, broaching, milling, lathing, moving, polishing, drilling, and surface canalling.
Soheil highlights the importance of robots as follows: Robots are built to be utilized in performing tasks with accuracy and speed for high capacity tasks far beyond the ability of humans. I have designed and assembled my robot to be a high speed machine for high capacity environments with a zero defect tolerance policy in mind.
With safety being the #1 priority in the design of sensitive products among which the auto industry plays a vital role in our daily life globally, my robot with its virtual 100% accuracy is to be of much benefits to the industry