Fakhimzadeh highlights ecstasy pill trade in Iran

August 1, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, who is famous among Iranian TV addicts for his police productions, is to bring out another TV police series entitled “Shout without a Voice”, which focuses on Iranian producers of ecstasy pills and those who use them.

He has previously directed “The Slept and the Waken” and “The Third Sense”, TV serials which spotlighted the narcotic drugs scene. His film “Soul Mate” was adapted for TV series and broadcast by IRIB last year.
“The mood of ‘Shout without a Voice’ is closer to that of ‘The Slept and the Waken’ than to that of ‘The Third Sense’,” Fakhimzadeh said in statement released by the public relations office of the TV series on Tuesday.
“However, ‘Shout without a Voice’ has a stronger dramatic component,” he added.
Production of the 14-part TV series, starring Mohammad Sadeqi, Farhad Qa’emian, Sara Khoiniha, Fariba Kowsari, Kamran Tafti, and Leila Barkhordari, has been completed and episodes are scheduled to be aired by IRIB Channel 2 after Ramadan.
Fakhimzadeh, who usually plays one of the leading roles in his films, also stars in “Shout without a Voice”