Iran in frontline of stem cell research: Professor Bongso

September 13, 2007 - 0:0

Tehran Times Health Desk

@T= TEHRAN -- The Royan International Twin Congress, the 8th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine, 3rd Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology, was held in Tehran on September 5-7.
“Iran is in the frontline of world stem cell research,” Press TV quoted honorary chairman of the congress Professor Ariff Bongso, as saying.
""I have already heard the news of Iran's outstanding achievements in stem cell research and now, by attending the congress and visiting Iran's Stem Cell research center Royan, I observed the fact that Iran is really a leading country in stem cell research,"" he added.
Bongso is a prominent international scientist who has made several significant breakthroughs in human embryonic stem cell research and has an international reputation for his work on IVF.
More than 33 top scientists from 16 countries alongside with Iranian researchers took part in the congress and more than 140 papers were presented on the latest developments in the field.
Iran, one of the 10 countries that produce embryonic human stem cell, has successfully cloned a sheep and will clone a cow within three to five years.
Iranian scientists developed human embryonic stem-cell lines in 2003.
Hossein Baharvand, chairman of the congress also addressed the guests at the opening ceremony, saying, “This is a unique forum where scientists can meet their colleagues and exchange ideas and information in the field of reproductive biomedicine and stern cells biology and technology.”
The scientific program has been prepared by the Local Scientific Committee, incorporating suggestions of the International Advisory Committee regarding the selection of topics and speakers, he added.
“We have endeavored to include most of the different aspects that make up reproductive biomedicine and stem cells biology and technology in the program,” he stated.
Abstract submissions again exceeded all expectations and have been accommodated by further increasing the number of posters. Several highly specific and cutting-edge researches will be presented by scientists from national and international institutes and universities, he noted.
Social interaction has always been a most enjoyable part of the congress, where physicians, nurses, geneticist, cell and molecular biologists and all kinds of health professionals dealing with reproductive biomedicine and stem cells come together not only to present and discuss topics of interest but to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and social program offered, Baharvand said.