Iran will target military bases of aggressors: Ambassador

September 20, 2007 - 0:0

KUWAIT CITY (IRNA) -- Iran's Ambassador to Kuwait Ali Jannati said on Wednesday that in case of any military attack on Iran, the country will target all U.S. military bases used for Washington's attack.

In an interview published by Al-Rai newspaper on Wednesday, he called such an event as very 'unlikely'.
He said it is the legitimate right of the Islamic Republic of Iran to make use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
""Iran's nuclear program is legal, he said, adding that nuclear weapon is religiously prohibited in Islam and so Iran is not after it.""
Certain big powers are seeking to politicize Iran's nuclear dossier in order to attain their wicked goals, he said.
He said however that possibility of such an attack is very low because Washington is quite aware of Iran's capabilities and its military might but under such circumstances Iran takes the issue seriously.""
On the stands of Arab states on Iran's nuclear dossier, he said the Persian Gulf littoral states have adopted a positive stand on Iran's nuclear program and have always supported the country.
Iran only attacks those military bases used for launching military assault against it. Tehran believes that the countries of the region would never let the U.S. use their soil to attack Iran, he said