Khorram plans to mingle Moshiri’s poetry with music

September 22, 2007

TEHRAN -- Composer Homayun Khorram has expressed his ambition to compose music that will enhance the poetry of Fereidun Moshiri.

Violinist Khorram made a speech at the Iranian Artists Forum on Thursday evening, during a ceremony held in honor of the poet Moshiri, in which he talked about the relationship between poetry and music.
He stated “I have always believed that there is a close relationship between Iran’s music, poetry, and literature, and that this rapport is so deep that until good poetry is combined with good music, it will not be as impressive as it could be.”
Khorram, who was an old friend of the poet Moshiri went on to pay great tribute to his poem “The Alley”, saying he believed that it shone in the annals of poetry.
Iran’s National Orchestra conductor Farhad Fakhreddini, who was also present at the ceremony, made a speech about Moshiri’s poetry.
Fakhreddini has composed music for several of Moshiri’s works including “For My Daughter Bahar”, “Tower”, and “Desire”.
Ali Dehbashi, managing director of the literary bimonthly Bokhara referred to Moshiri’s poetry as works that give hope and comfort to all who read them.
The Prominent calligrapher Gholam-Hossein Amirkhani, critic Reza Seyyed-Hosseini, poet Pegah Ahmadi, and translator Sorush Habibi also made speeches at the ceremony.
Fereidun Moshiri (1926-2000) was one of the most prominent contemporary Persian poets who wrote in both modern and classic styles. One of the major contributions of Moshiri's poetry to modern Persian literature was the broadening of its social and geographical scope.