Chavez to visit Iran next week

November 15, 2007

TEHRAN -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is to visit Iran next week, the Venezuelan ambassador to Tehran announced here on Wednesday.

In a press conference with local reporters, Ambassador Arturo Anibal Gallegos Ramirez said that Chavez would only stay in Tehran for a few hours.
He also rejected rumors that Venezuela has transferred an Airbus 340 to an Iranian airline.
“According to an agreement reached (between Iranian and Venezuelan airlines) for direct flights between Tehran and Caracas, Venezuela earmarked an Airbus 340 for this purpose, but this airplane was not given to Iran or presented as a gift to the Iranian friends,” he said.
He also dismissed reports on the possibility of nuclear cooperation between Iran and Venezuela in the future.
“We have no nuclear experience and gaining access to nuclear energy is not among our top priorities.”
However, Venezuela will continue supporting Iran’s peaceful nuclear program at all international venues, he added