Ron Paul says Iran will never attack Israel

December 27, 2007 - 0:0

Maverick Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul says the leaders of Israel are impelling the White House to wage war on Iran.

""The government of Israel encourages Americans to go into Iran,"" Paul said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.
The 10-term Texas lawmaker added that neoconservatives have also been pushing the administration into ‘bombing Iran’.
When asked what he would do as the U.S. president ‘if Iran invaded Israel’, Paul said the illusion of the Islamic Republic’s attack on Israel is like saying, ""Iran is about to invade Mars.""
The 72-year-old politician made the remarks as Israeli officials are stepping up their war rhetoric against Tehran, over its nuclear program despite the recent reports confirming the peaceful nature of the country’s activities.
Ron Paul also made it clear that he would cut the ‘billions of dollars’ in annual aid Washington provides for Israel if elected President.
(Source: Press TV)