Karrubi says optimistic about endorsement of Majlis hopefuls by Guardian Council

January 24, 2008

TEHRAN – Mahdi Karrubi, the secretary general of the National Confidence Party (NCP), revealed that his party was about to form an emergency meeting on Wednesday night to assess the rejection of some NCP candidates by oversight bodies for the March parliamentary elections.

However, Karrubi predicted that the oversight Guardian Council will endorse the qualifications of some parliament hopefuls whose candidacy have been rejected in the initial screening.
“I personally believe that in this round of elections the Guardian Council will act based on its main duties which is monitoring and defending people’s right, and will return to the election scene a number of candidates who have been rejected by the election executive board.
“And due to this reason I am personally too optimistic about the proper behavior of the Guardian Council in this round of elections,” the former Majlis speaker said as he visited the Tehran Times and Mehr News Agency offices on Wednesday morning.
“Tonight (Wednesday night) the emergency meeting of the party’s central council will be formed to assess the issue and after that we will do our actions in this regard.”
“In this session the reasons for disqualifications will be studied and the party’s strategy for participation in eight Majlis elections across the country will be drawn up,” the noted cleric clarified.
He said initial reports indicate that the NCP’s main candidates for the Tehran constituency have been rejected. However, he said he is not fully aware of the NCP-listed candidates in other cities.
Political figures Javad Eta’at and Abolfazl Shakouri, former MP Elyas Hazrati and Mohammad-Javad Haqshenas, former Gilan province’s governor Masoud Soltanifar, and former Tehran mayor Morteza Alviri of the National Confidence Party are among the hopefuls banned from running for the March elections, Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) quoted Haqshenas, a member of the NCP central committee, as saying