World still silent about Gaza holocaust

March 9, 2008

The Zionists falsified history and exaggerated the number of Jews who died during World War II in order to justify the establishment of the Israeli entity -- and have even convinced some countries to pass laws making it a criminal offense to question the Holocaust myth -- but today the Israelis themselves are creating a holocaust in Gaza.

The recent Israeli attacks on occupied Palestinian territory have been accompanied by an increase in human rights violations and war crimes.
Everyone’s life is in danger in the Gaza Strip. As one Israeli official shamelessly stated, the Zionist regime is massacring Palestinians with the intention of creating a “holocaust” in Gaza.
Only two months ago, the Israeli attacks on Gaza made December 2007 the month with the highest death toll in the Gaza Strip for the year.
The newly established UN Human Rights Council censured Israel for the aggression during its sixth special session in Geneva on January 23 and 24. It also called for urgent international action to put an end to the Zionist regime’s serious human rights violations in Palestine, especially drawing attention to Israel’s military attacks on Gaza and the blockade of the region. But nothing happened.
The UN Human Rights Council also censured Israel during three other special sessions on the human rights situation in Palestine.
However, despite their claims about being champions of human rights, most Western countries have refused to vote for UN resolutions condemning Israel for its attacks on Gaza.
Unfortunately, such resolutions have repeatedly failed in the past because of objections by the United States and certain European countries, giving the impression that the Zionist regime can act with impunity.
Thus, with the open support of the United States, Israel launched its second major assault on the Gaza Strip in the past three months, which has caused the death of many Palestinians in the bloodiest deadliest time period since the Al-Aqsa Intifada began in September 2000.
On March 1, the overall death toll in Gaza was 58, which was the highest in a single day since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada. The highest previous death toll for a single day was 38 on March 8, 2002. Over 116 Palestinians have been killed since February 27, 2008. About half of the victims were civilians, including a number of women and children.
Some of the most critically injured were sent home from Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest hospital, because there was no more room for them. A doctor at the hospital said that the beds crammed hospital corridors and the intensive care unit was overflowing. The doctors union urged its members to cancel leaves and appealed for blood donations.
Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), said that the UN shuttered 37 schools which it runs in northern Gaza because of the fighting, and about 40,000 students are affected.
The Israelis are inflicting collective punishment on the Palestinians and pursuing a genocide policy in Gaza.
In Syria, exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal described Israeli attacks against civilians in Gaza as “the real Holocaust”.
Unfortunately, the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, and the organizations that claim to be defenders of human rights have all remained silent about the merciless assault on the Palestinians and the humanitarian tragedy which is unfolding in Palestine.
The UN Security Council met behind closed doors on March 1 in an emergency session held at the request of the Palestinians and their Arab supporters. The Arab League’s UN observer, Yahya Mahmassani said, “We want a condemnation of the killings from the Security Council. Regrettably, because of the United States’ objection, the Security Council failed to issue even an official statement.”
The Zionist regime’s relentless air and land attack on the Gaza Strip is a clear violation of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention of 1949 and Israeli officials must be brought before the International Criminal Court and charged with committing war crimes.
The Zionist regime’s wanton slaughter of the people of Gaza is a new holocaust, and if the situation is not addressed immediately, the violence will most likely spill over to the rest of Palestine.
After the UN Security Council’s failure to address the tragic situation in Palestine, the international community is looking to the Human Rights Council, which recently started its seventh session in Geneva, to see how this body is going to deal with the situation