IRIB College to establish branch in Dubai

March 11, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- The Iranian IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) College is to set up a branch in Dubai in autumn 2008.

Dean of the IRIB College Hassan Hosseini and head of Sorush Audio-Visual Organization Mohammad Pishgahifar signed an agreement for the establishment of the Dubai branch on Sunday.
In a ceremony held at the college, Hosseini said that the creation of the secondary institute was one of IRIB’s most important projects, adding, “The affiliated college will be active alongside other world famous universities in Dubai.”
He continued, “I must make it clear that art courses taught at the IRIB College are unique and I hereby assure the head of the Sorush Organization that the establishment of the Dubai branch will lead to good results in the future. Of course, both the IRIB College and the Sorush Organization are concentrating on the cultural aspects of the project, and the economics of the program will take second place.
Hosseini announced that his education deputy Abbas Qaruni will be appointed as head of the Dubai college. He also stated that both Iranian and foreign students can register at the institute but more places will be allocated to foreigners.
Pishgahifar remarked that plans for setting up the IRIB center in Dubai had been made some years ago but the project had been postponed for various reasons. He added that the branch will have great potential as Iran has some of the highest standards in artistic activities to be found in the Middle East.