The policeman in your head

May 1, 2008 - 0:0

Many people believe the global police state taking shape will have policemen, soldiers, and other security personnel on every corner, constantly monitoring our movements and checking our ID cards, but that won’t happen because the policeman will be in your head.

There will be no need for excessive numbers of police because people will be programmed to police themselves.
This is already beginning to happen.
The new thought police is in people’s heads.
The so-called war on terror, with its restrictions on civil liberties and implicit restrictions on thought, is a part of this process.
In the United States, especially in the media, it has become taboo to suggest that terrorists have legitimate grievances.
The official line, repeated ad nauseam by U.S. officials, is that terrorists are mindless barbarians and fanatics who hate freedom.
By why would militants who claim they are fighting for the liberation of their homelands hate freedom?
Apparently this has become a forbidden thought, too.
A U.S. broadcaster who had said that the 9/11 bombers were evil but not cowardly was forced to retract his statement and apologize in order to save his career.
The media, social norms, the education system, and advanced methods of mind control are being used to brainwash people.
People are being insidiously persuaded to allow the thought police to enter their heads and control their way of thinking.
This is a global program but it is being tested out in the United States first.
One of the main programs being downloaded into people’s heads tells them to ignore and reject intellectual inquiry, deeper ideas, speculation, and officially restricted lines of thought.
It is very easy to determine if people have been programmed.
In a conversation, bring up a serious matter.
If they listen to you, they are not programmed.
If their minds shut down and they obey the commands of the policemen in their heads and refuse to listen to you, they are programmed.
If people respond in this way, change the topic and begin talking about more mundane matters like the weather or fashion or sports events.
If they listen and actively engage in conversation with you, that proves that they are not averse to dialogue, they simply have certain restrictions on what they will discuss.
The policeman in your head enforces conformity of thought and deed.
The average person is weak and will obey the policeman in their head.
However, a freethinking person never allows a policeman to enter their head.
This creates a problem for the mind control system, so a special program has been downloaded into the heads of the sheeple to deal with freethinkers.
In this program, all of the people with policemen in their heads are commanded to constantly monitor everyone.
If they encounter a freethinking person who does not have a policeman in their head, they are commanded to use every means of persuasion and coercion at their disposal to convince the freethinker to conform and allow the policeman to enter their head.
If this fails, the people with policemen in their heads are commanded to police the thoughts and actions of the freethinker.
The sheeple are even taught that they are doing a favor for these freethinking thought criminals and showing them a way to a happy, thought crime-free life.
So what is a freethinker to do?
Well, you must avoid the people with policemen in their heads to avoid being policed by them.
Sometimes, you even have to pretend you have a policeman in your head.
If possible, create a special freethinking zone or liberated territory where freethinkers can interact far from the prying eyes of the minions of the thought police.
In this era of thought control, you must work hard to keep your mind free.