Mottaki’s letter UN chief on Iran’s proposed security and nuclear package

May 22, 2008 - 0:0

13 May 2008

As I informed you in my previous communications, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a responsible Member State of the United Nations Organization, and based on its international rights and obligations, has always emphasized on the importance of multilateralism. Unfortunately, a few countries, with political motivations and objectives, have raised some ambiguities over Iran’s exclusively peaceful nuclear program and have used the UN Organs as a tool, thus, undermining the integrity and credibility of the United Nations.
Whereas the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has, time and again, confirmed the non-diversion of Iran’s nuclear program, and based on the agreed work plan between Iran and the agency the remaining issues are completely resolved, and while the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all nuclear activities of Our country are currently under the full-scope Safeguards of the IAEA, the UN Security Council has persisted on its illegal measures.
I have already brought to Your Excellency’s attention, in details, my government’s arguments and reasoning regarding the unlawfulness of the intervention of the UN Security Council in Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. Indeed, the Islamic Republic of Iran still maintains that constructive interaction and reasonable and just negotiations, without preconditions and based on mutual respect, is the basic solution for the promotion and improvement of international situations and circumstances. On the same basis, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to negotiate with the 5+l Group within a specific framework on issues of mutual interest. The Islamic republic of Iran is of the view that resorting to the two-track approaches that comprise intimidation and negotiation not only will not help resolving issues but will indeed further complicate the situation.
The Iranian nation is a peace-loving nation that has spared no efforts to contribute to global peace and stability. Iran’s capabilities and power can contribute to the regional and international peace and stability. The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that sustainable regional and international peace and stability, economic relations, free trade, energy security, combating terrorism and narcotic drugs, as well as peaceful uses of nuclear energy provide appropriate common grounds for long-term and sustainable cooperation.
Given the present circumstances at the regional and international levels, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the introduction of a new and comprehensive initiative, aimed at achieving sustainable and constructive interaction, as an imperative. On its part, the Islamic Republic of Iran, following thorough and proficient studies and considerations, has carefully prepared a package containing important initiatives and proposals in different political, security, economic, and nuclear fields, to be submitted to countries of the 5+1 Group. This package has been prepared as a basis for comprehensive and thorough negotiations with the said countries based on collective commitments as well as justice, sovereignty, and mutual respect. We are of the firm belief that the present package will provide an exceptional opportunity for real and serious cooperation among the concerned parties.
I would like to emphasize on this important point that the principled approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards this package is that of a strategic one. Therefore, I hope that the concerned parties would acknowledge the importance of the proposed package and its substance, as a comprehensive solution to the regional and global problems and challenges. The package can be a basis for long-term cooperation. I hope the concerned parties would welcome it and would deal with it constructively.
Manuchehr Mottaki Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran
H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General United Nations New York
(Source: Institute for Science and International Security