German “Business Success in Iran” hits Iran’s bookstores

July 26, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- The book “Geschäftserfolg Im Iran” with the English title “Business Success in Iran” recently hit Iran’s bookstores.

The book, written in German language, is compiled by Michael Gorges and aims to guide German investors who are planning to work in Iran. It is also enlightening for Iranians to read the book.
Michael Gorges is an ethnologist and intercultural expert. He gained his experience from living and working in Iran and is now a sought-after consultant for Iranian-German ventures.
In this business guide the author elaborates on communication processes, negotiation tactics and a working knowledge of the culture of the region. He adds many real-life examples on how to establish and optimize business with partners in Iran.
The introduction gives the reader familiarity with the history, culture, language, various tribes, and regional climate of Iran. The root and origins of Iranian culture, its different dynasties, and the roles of Islam in every day’s life of the Iranian nation are also discussed in the book.
“Iran is the fastest growing market in the Middle East and is becoming an important business partner for foreign investors. Iran enjoys its own characteristics and is considered a business passageway to the Middle East. In one word, Iran is the heart of a market with 300m population,” reads part of book.