Iran’s UN envoy responds to U.S. propaganda

August 10, 2008

UNITED NATIONS (IRNA) -- Iran’s mission to the United Nations has strongly condemned the violence and terrorist acts committed by the occupying forces in Iraq and rejected Washington’s anti-Iran allegations.

Following is the full text of the response of the United Nations representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the allegations made by the representative of the United States against Iran in the Security Council meeting on Iraq on August 6, 2008.
“In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,
“Mr. President,
“The Security Council today heard, yet again, certain absurd allegations that were raised against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the representative of the United States.
“My delegation wishes to place on record that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran rejects these unfounded allegations, the raising of which has unfortunately become a tired and routine practice on the part of the United States.
“As a victim of terrorism and as a country that has suffered from the heinous acts of terrorism committed in, and originated from, Iraq particularly those perpetrated by certain terrorist groups that are sheltered, financed and supported by the United States and certain other permanent members of the Council, Iran has been unambiguous in its condemnation of all acts of violence and terrorism in Iraq and continues to be unwavering in its support for the Iraqi government’s fight against this menace.
“Iran has been always resolute in both its strong support for stability and national unity in Iraq and in its condemnation of any efforts to cause instability, insecurity and sectarian violence and terrorism in the country.
“Undoubtedly, as any other neighboring countries, Iran stands to highly benefit from stability, security and prosperity in Iraq, as it will immensely suffer from insecurity and instability in that country.
Whereas Iran has proved, time and again, its good intention to help Iraq’s stabilization, development and prosperity through close cooperation with the Iraqi Government in different fields as well as to help Iraqi people overcome their immense difficulties, the U.S. Government unwarrantedly insists on its unacceptable behavior in scapegoating others, including Iran, for its own wrong policies in Iraq in order to distract the attentions from the real sources of the U.S. failures in that country that are the continuation of the presence of foreign forces in the country and certain wrong policies and practices on the part of foreign forces there.
“It is noteworthy that despite these groundless allegations, to date no single credible evidence has ever been presented to substantiate them. To the contrary, several high-ranking Iraqi officials are on record, stressing Iran’s constructive role in the country and rejecting the said allegations.”