Saniora returns to Beirut as Egypt backs Lebanon's stability

November 2, 2008 - 0:0

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak discussed with Premier Fouad Saniora during a telephone conversation about the results of the meetings of the Higher Egyptian-Lebanese Committee and encouraged cooperation between the two countries.

Mubarak also ""expressed support to efforts made by President Michel Suleiman and the Lebanese government to achieve stability (in the country) and reactivate the national dialogue,"" Beirut media reported Saturday.
Saniora, who returned to Beirut on Friday, was expected to meet Mubarak in Cairo. But the meeting was cancelled after Mubarak got sick upon his return from Paris.
Instead, Saniora met with Head of Egyptian Intelligence Gen. Omar Suleiman. The two men discussed recent Lebanese and Arab developments.
A source accompanying the prime minister told An Nahar daily that Saniora's visit to Cairo was important to reactivate the role of the Higher Egyptian-Lebanese committee after a seven-year hiatus.
The source said the agreements signed between the two countries were aimed at improving ties, whose signs will emerge when Lebanon starts receiving Egyptian gas.
Meanwhile, An Nahar reported Saturday that Deputy Egyptian Intelligence Chief Gen. Omar al-Qinawy's recent visit to Lebanon was only aimed at relaying a message of support to efforts aimed at bringing stability back to the country.
Qinawy's talks with Lebanese politicians ""did not come at the backdrop of urgent issues. He (Qinawy) came…to inform all parties in Lebanon about Egypt's support and interest in Lebanon's peace path,"" sources told the newspaper.
About Saniora's visit to Kuwait before his trip to Egypt, the source accompanying the prime minister said Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah expressed relief about steps taken by Lebanon in the aftermath of the Doha accord.