Iranian-American student freed on bail: Father

November 12, 2008

Los Angeles-born Iranian-American student Esha Momeni has been released from custody in Iran on a $200,000 bail, her father says.

Gholam-Reza Momeni told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that he put up the deed to his family’s apartment in Tehran to win his daughter’s release.
He said Esha must still stand before a political tribunal for acting against national security and will therefore not be allowed to leave the country.
“For now, the authorities told us she is forbidden to go out,” her father said. “Tomorrow, we will be in court, and they will tell us what the next step will be.”
The 28-year-old California State University student was arrested on October 15. She was later charged with acting ‘against national security’ and ‘propagating against the Islamic Republic.’
Momeni’s attorney Mohammad-Ali Dadkhah said earlier that she came to Iran to conduct research on the status of women in Iran.
Esha’s father said on Saturday that he did not know about the nature of his daughter’s activities, stressing that he does not approve of her conduct.
“I was unaware of my daughter’s activities but now I have realized that they were illegal,” he said in an interview with IRNA.
(Source: Press TV)