“Dream of Danube” to reconnect long-lost cousins in Iran and Hungary

December 3, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Iranian documentary filmmaker Reza Sobhani is to begin shooting his new doc “Dream of Danube” soon.

The documentary focuses on the impression of Iranian customs and culture in this part of the Europe.
“The city of Jászberény is located one hundred kilometers east of Budapest, which is the Hungarian sister city of Yazd and is of great interest to me. I researched the subject and found a trace of Persian beliefs and culture in Hungary,” Sobhani said.
He added that the relations between the two cultures and their influence on some of their customs, architecture and in other areas will be explored in this documentary.
“The people of Jászberény believe their ancestors are of Yazdi origin and ‘Dream of Danube’ tries to depict these roots which are still alive after all these years,” he explained.
He continued, “After finishing the research, we will take a trip to Hungary to shoot on location there. Interviews with local people and resident experts is also part of the documentary.”
The ‘Jász’ people are of Iranian descent and settled near the rivers of Zagyva and Tarna together with the ‘Kun’ people during the course of the thirteenth century.
Sobhani is currently busy with his movie “The Sun behind Snow.”