Iran’s first costume design festival kicks off

December 25, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- The First Fashion and Costume Design Festival opened at the Tehran Permanent International Fairground on December 23.

Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Mohammad-Hossein Imani-Khoshkhu and secretary of the festival Abolfazl Mohammad-Khani made opening speechs.
Imani Khoshkhu said that the festival has been organized by the private sector, adding, “The committee for fashion and costume designs established a section in collaboration with different ministries and organizations to follow up on the programs of the committee.
“So far, three institutes have been able to obtain permission to hold programs. Also, the committee is trying to help designers register their work, so that designers won’t have to worry about these financial issues in the future. Tax exemption will also be discussed at future sessions of committee,” he explained.
He went on to say, “There has always been this vacuum of incentive for designers to produce attractive costumes based on regulations of an Islamic society. Now, with the help of the committee, designers and producers will not have as much financial worry over their designs.
“In addition, artists working in this field will have greater motivation to produce, so we are hoping to make Iran a regional magnet for Islamic fashion design in the future,” he remarked.
Imani Khoshkhu proclaimed next year, the year for Iran to lead the way in presenting new costumes and designs among the Islamic countries.
“We are serious about establishing fashion design in the country, and if the private sector cooperates with the government, we will be able to introduce the best designers in future festivals,” he concluded.
The program is divided into two sections. There will be a live show of costumes and designs for women in the mornings and for men in the afternoons. The festival will continue through December 26 at the fairground located on Chamran Highway.