Students hold anti-Israel protests in Tehran

December 29, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Hundreds of Iranian students gathered outside the United Nations office in Tehran on Sunday to protest against the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip which have killed about 300 Palestinians.

Israel has launched air strikes on the Gaza strip for the past two days. The operations have deteriorated the already dire humanitarian situation in the besieged Gaza strip. Hundreds of wounded civilians have been rushed to the hospitals which are suffering power outages and lack of medical supplies due to a long-running Israeli blockade of the region.
Israel says there is no end in sight to the air strikes despite worldwide calls for the operations to end.
The Iranian protesters issued a statement calling for the United Nations to take action against Israeli’s crimes in Gaza.
They waved the flags of Palestine and Lebanon’s resistance movement, Hezbollah, and called on Muslim states to team up against the ongoing Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians.
They also called on the Arab governments to break their silence on the Zionist Regime’s crimes. The demonstrators urged Iranian officials to halt imports from companies supporting Israel and ban traveling to Egypt in response to Cairo’s refusal to open its borders to the besieged Gazans.