Mottaki likens carnage in Gaza to Bosnian genocide

December 31, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Zionist regime’s recent criminal acts against the people of Gaza are undoubtedly acts of genocide similar to the one committed by the Serb forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki stated on Tuesday.

Addressing foreign diplomats in Tehran, he deplored the international community’s inaction to halt war crimes in Gaza.
“There is no doubt that the Zionist regime’s recent acts are in breach of the Geneva Convention and all other international rules and regulations,” he pointed out.
“The Zionist regime’s crimes in the past sixty years are obvious examples of crime against humanity which must be categorized as genocide similar to the many horrendous events in the recent years like the Serb forces’ acts in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Mottaki insisted.
He called the situation in Gaza a “test of impartiality” for the international community.
Stopping Israel from perpetrating such crimes requires “immediate and united action” and Iran is ready to team up with other “free nations” to demonstrate their ability to put an end to the criminal acts and to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, he added.
He called on all the states and international organizations to condemn the Zionist regime’s crimes and urged the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency session to pass a resolution to halt Israeli blitz against Palestinians.
Mottaki said Tehran believes that the UN General Assembly should also hold an emergency meeting to discuss Gaza.
Iran’s top diplomat also called on the Arab League to take serious decisions in regard to the Gaza crisis.
He said after the Zionist regime’s aggression against Lebanon in 2006 Iran warned countries of the potential dangers of the regime, but those who were aware of Tel Aviv’s motives talked about “Islamic movements’ adventurism”.
He said attacks on Gaza began immediately after Hamas took the power in democratic elections in January 2006 with the aim to break up the resistance of Palestinians, but the history of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and Palestine shows that the regime will never succeed