Darwinism is the root of terrorism, Islam is the antidote: Harun Yahya

February 9, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN - Adnan Oktar, born in Ankara in 1956, known by his pen name Harun Yahya, is a prominent advocate of Islamic creationism in the creation-evolution debate. He is considered to be the leading Muslim advocate of creationism.

Mr. Yahya is opposed to Zionism and Freemasonry and sees them as very interrelated movements. He denounces terrorism, which he says is a product of Darwinism, while he considers Islam its antidote. Islam, he believes, is a religion of peace and love.
Following is an excerpt of Harun Yahya’s exclusive interview with Kourosh Ziabari:
Q: Mr. Yahya, it seems the world is paying a heavy price for ignoring moral values and religious ethics -- and many governments make irrational and irreligious decisions, which lead to starvation, massacres, corruption, poverty, and economic inequality. What’s your view on this?
A: Muslims are generally unaware where the troubles are coming from. People in the world as a whole are unaware of the essence of the matter. When I investigated it I saw that Darwinism lay at the root of all this suffering, trouble, violence and pain as there would be no materialism without Darwinism. Darwinism is essential for materialist philosophy and without materialism there can be no communism, fascism, imperialism, savage capitalism, nor immorality nor terror. These are all inter-related, but because people are ignorant of that, they fail to grasp the importance of the intellectual struggle against Darwinism.
“Why is it so important, why do you concentrate on it so much?” they say. Atheism is active right across the world, hurting and literally damning people. But they do not look for the root cause. Yet Darwinism is the foundation of godlessness, of all atheist ideologies, and thus of all these troubles. I have gone right to the root of the matter and struck at the root of atheism in my work.
It is this that lies at the heart of Darwinists’ own suffering and the savagery in the materialist universe. In other words, by Allah’s leave, I have severed the jugular, the main artery of atheism. As Darwinism has collapsed, materialists have of course less and less respect for their own beliefs. It is no longer possible for people to be materialists. That is why, if Muslims want to fight atheism, they must wage an intellectual struggle against the religion of atheism.
They can make use of the www.harunyahya.com web site for that. They can download all the books, documentaries and articles on the site free of charge and make use of them. They must raise their own knowledge, understanding, culture and reveal the invalidity of Darwinism one by one with scientific evidence. You will then see that all these problems you listed will disappear. The truth will come and falsehood fades away, insha’Allah.
Q: The Western media often try to distort the image of Islam by depicting extremists, fanatics, and suicide bombers as Muslims. How can we respond to this and show the true face of Islam?
A: Darwinists attempt to equate the violence and terror they themselves nurture and grow with Muslims. But this is inconsistent, because I have exposed it as a ruse. Darwinism is the root of terrorism, whereas Islam is the antidote to it. Islam is a religion of peace and love. Allah says in the Quran that “it is better for you if you forgive,” even those who commit murder.
There is obviously no room for the violence of terror in such a faith. The fact is that some people who have received a Darwinist and materialist education have subsequently said they are Muslims, but they have never abandoned the mindset stemming from that education. As you know, Palestine was a training camp for Marxists and communists in the 1980s. In the same way, the socialist Baathist mindset dominated Syria and Iraq for years. Afghanistan was subjected to communist occupation. Some of these people received a Darwinist education in the West and then returned to settle in their Muslim countries. It is always Darwinists today that espouse the killing of the innocent, terror, and anarchy in the supposed name of Islam.
But it is impossible to provide any proof for what they do from the Quran, the Sunnah of our Prophet, or statements by great Islamic scholars.
Q: In your view, what caused the current world economic crisis?
A: This economic crisis is proof of how powerless Masons and atheist Zionists are in the face of the might and power of Allah. Allah has shown them how the system they established fails to lead to success. They are at a complete dead end with no way out. And with His name of “Jabbar” (Compeller), Allah has made that system impossible to implement and is obliging them to implement Islamic moral values.
Interest rates across the world are heading toward zero. Interest rates are nearly zero in the USA and Britain. News reports say that rates are at the lowest level ever. What does an interest-free system mean? It means the system encouraged by Islam. Another aspect of this crisis that is directing people toward Islamic moral values is its instrumental role in reinforcing solidarity among people, increasing mutual aid, and passing laws for the protection of the poor. Indeed, that is the only way out of the crisis, in other words, to act in the light of Islamic moral values. Trust in Allah is essential; people cannot overcome the crisis if they fail to invest or spend their money out of a fear for the future.
The reason for the crisis is the flow of goods coming to a stop, money coming to a halt and frozen production. In other words, people are holding onto their money out of a worldly concern for tomorrow, worldly greed.
Manufacturers are halting production because they cannot sell anything, be paid or borrow money. They hide away what they have in warehouses, just in case the price goes up.
Those who want to buy hold their hands in case the price goes down or up. The result is a collective death. But those who place their trust in Allah will use their money in the best way, knowing that all things belong to Allah and that He distributes or holds back blessings as He wishes. You know that accumulating possessions is contrary to the moral values of Islam. They will reinvigorate the markets, helping the poor and increasing their purchasing power. In addition, taxes must be brought down, the agriculture and livestock sectors must be supported, luxury consumer goods limited and greater demand established in the markets.
However, it is also most important to remember that the appearance of such a great economic crisis is one of the portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (peace be upon him), as revealed by our Prophet. As with all events created in destiny by Allah, it will therefore all work out for the best for believers.
Q: How do monotheistic religions bestow inner peace, stability, and strength on their adherents?
A: The existence of Allah, the Hereafter and true faith in Allah bestow happiness and joy on humanity. This is a secret of Allah. Almighty Allah says, “Only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace.”
All people who genuinely and sincerely live by the human nature created by Allah are highly balanced, moderate, pleasant, happy, and peaceful, as a blessing from Him. They know only too well that greed, a longing for wealth and the things of this world do not make people happy.
If living for this world made people happy, if they found peace in this world, why are there almost no happy people around? Why is drug abuse, the use of anti-depressants and psychiatric therapy so high in some Western countries? Why are people so lonely, restless and stressed? Why do newspapers every day carry pages full of stuff about stress-related diseases?
It means that, contrary to what some people say, turning away from Allah and religious moral values does not make people happy. Artificial happiness is not happiness. The fact that someone is smiling or shouts out in places of entertainment does not show that he or she is happy. For example, huge concerts take place. Tens of thousands of people attend. But nobody is happy. They all shout out, they all beat the rhythm out as fast as they can. They jump up and down, but they are not happy. If anyone asked the truth, or if they told the truth, they would say they are not happy. Happiness has nothing to do with these things. For example, people were very happy in the time of our Prophet (PBUH). The disciples of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) were very happy with him. These things are real happiness.
The climate of friendship the Prophet Moses (PBUH) established with the people around him was an environment of happiness.
We must look for happiness in profundity; in profound pleasures and delights. But this is a blessing and secret from Allah for believers, one hidden from those who deny Him.
Q: Mr. Yahya, how can we create a peaceful and pleasant world, and how can we improve our lives and enjoy success?
A: We must be very sincere right from the start. Allah says that “sincere servants will be saved.” We must be deeply sincere. When we are sincere, Allah will show us the true path. He will inspire us with how to perform our daily prayers, how to fast, with what we must do to possess human and proper moral values and to live in love, and we will then do those things.
We merely have to be sincere. Allah brings the Quran into our homes. We look and see the Quran, and we open it up and read it. Allah brings that knowledge to us. We just have to be sincere. People must be sincere; genuinely sincere. Because when they are sincere, they may encounter many things that conflict with their lower selves.
They may experience many troubles and difficulties. But these difficulties are still agreeable and pleasant ones. A Muslim will accept them all. Because a person will not tell a lie when one is possible. A sincere person will be loyal when disloyalty might be expected. Loyalty is difficult. It may conflict with one’s lower self. Compassion, for example, may inflict material losses on people. Not being selfish and egotistical may also result in material losses. But a sincere person will nonetheless continue to be honest despite all the difficulties. Insha’Allah, the Almighty God will smooth the path for such sincere servants and bestow profound faith on them, lead them to salvation, and draw them close to Himself in this world and the Hereafter.
Q: Mr. Yahya, what’s your take on hegemonic powers’ occupation of independent nations under the pretext of the ‘war on terrorism’ and Israel’s merciless assault on the people of Gaza?
A: Since we are living in the End Times, these things are all developments which our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) has revealed will take place before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH). The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) watched these incidents, literally as if in a mirror, saw them, and described them as they are.
He referred to Muslim blood being spilled, to such happenings taking place in this period, to terrible corruption and chaos, to the spilling of innocent blood, to the killing even of women and children, to the killing of pregnant women, and to terrible strife. But our Prophet says that after that, “all this will be reversed with the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH), one of my children, and that there will come an age of well-being, abundance, peace, plenty, gentleness, and beauty.” All this will happen. In other words, all the current trouble and difficulties presage the proximity, insha’Allah, of a delightful, enlightened and prosperous age.
What Muslims must do at this time, the most urgent issue they must concentrate on from morning till night, is to unite.
All Muslims must sincerely ask this from Allah. They must constantly pray to Allah to “Hasten the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH), hasten the coming of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH).” They must cry out for this at legal meetings, write it on legal banners. They must say, “We want an Islamic Union.” As a prayer, they must keep this demand constantly on the agenda at every available opportunity, with great passion and enthusiasm. Even talking about the Turkish-Islamic Union will make those responsible for the oppression very uneasy. Once the Turkish-Islamic Union is set up there will be no such issue any more. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine will emerge into the daylight.
But we must all be united, a whole, for that to happen. This is Allah’s command in the Quran. Almighty Allah states in the Quran, “Allah loves those who struggle in His Way in ranks like well-built walls.” We will carry out that command of Allah. At that time, by Allah’s leave, no harm will come even to a hair of Muslims’ heads.
Q: Mr. Yahya, you’ve talked about the appearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and praised Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for recalling Imam Mahdi (PBUH) at the beginning of each of his addresses. Could you elaborate on your views?
A: In the Quran, Allah promises sincere believers that religious moral values will rule the world. The Messenger of Allah has also described how Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH) will be the instrument of that dominion as well as Hazrat Mahdi’s moral and physical features and the portents of his coming, all in great detail. Of course, Muslims will seek Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH) with joy and excitement and will pray for the coming of this holy personage.
Everything our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said has happened. But if someone attaches no credence to our Prophet’s words, that means they attach no credence to the faith. Muslims must be courageous and determined and persistent, and must offer one another encouragement. If they do not want to sit back in the face of oppression, if they want to be active supporters of Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH), then they must strive for Muslim unity with all their hearts. They must love one another very much; regard one another as brothers and put their brothers’ lower selves above their own, like the parts of a building all welded together.
I regard, insha’Allah, President Ahmadinejad as very sincere and genuine. I think he is a model for Muslims with his modesty and courage. The way he expresses his love for Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH) at every opportunity and encourages Muslims on the subject are very excellent traits.
President Ahmadinejad sent the world a very important message when he came to Istanbul. The way he prayed behind a Sunni imam was a message meaning, “We are all one, Shiites and Sunnis are brothers, and I support the unification of the Muslim world.” That message made him very valuable in both Shiite and Sunni eyes, and earned him enormous respect, insha’Allah.