Islamic world must unite to defend Palestine: Ahmadinejad

April 23, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on Islamic states to unite in their efforts to prevent the Zionist regime from committing more crimes against the Palestinians.

“Following up on the efforts and the results of the special meeting of the Human Rights Council, which was held to review this regime’s crimes, (calling on) the General Assembly of the United Nations to establish a court, obliging international legal (bodies) to perform their duty in addressing the war crimes and the genocide (committed) in Gaza, and filing suits with the national judiciaries of the countries that are members of the Geneva Conventions are some of the important measures which can prevent the repetition of such crimes.”
“The criminal activities of the Zionist regime in Palestine are not limited to the siege and slaughter of innocent Gazans, and the dark record of this occupying regime is replete with instances of violations of human rights and international law, and bloody crimes,” he said in an address at the international conference of Islamic prosecutors in Tehran on Wednesday.
The conference was held mainly to examine Israel’s criminal activities during its military foray into the Gaza Strip and to discuss ways to bring the Israeli war criminals to justice. Over 200 legal experts from Islamic states attended the two-day conference, which ended on Wednesday.
Ahmadinejad slammed the international community and world bodies for turning a blind eye to the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip.
“Is the United Nations… so weak that it is not able to make a swift and binding decision for breaking the siege of a small territory... How is it that a unilateral strike to disarm (a country) or (as part of) a campaign against terrorism, which is outside of the framework of the United Nations Charter, is accepted, but there is no determination to end the siege of innocent Gazans?”
The president added, “Unfortunately, the world is witnessing such contradictions in the actions of the so-called upholders of human rights and democracy.”
The major powers are manipulating the issues of human rights, freedom, and peace to increase their bargaining power and prevent the international community from making a decision to come to the assistance of the Palestinians, Ahmadinejad observed