French children to enjoy Iranian story books

May 7, 2009

TEHRAN -- A French publisher will translate and release two of the first Iranian children’s story books in near future.

Grandir Publications will release “Uncle Noruz” and “King Jamshid,” which were published by Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) in 1967.
IIDCYA granted the books copyright to Grandir in return for the copyright permission of two books released by the French publisher.
Written by Farideh Jaam and Mahmud Moshref Tehrani (M.Azad), “Uncle Noruz” concerns the legendry Iranian figure Uncle Noruz who is similar to Santa Claus and brings new life and warmth to every household each Noruz, the Iranian New Year which begins on March 21 and coincides with spring.
“King Jamshid” by Mehrdad Bahar concerns the great mythological figure of Iranian culture and tradition, Jamshid. In tradition and folklore, Jamshid is described as having been the fourth and greatest king of the epigraphically unattested Pishdadian dynasty (before the Kayanian dynasty).
Grandir Publications previously released the French version of Samad Behrangi’s “The Little Black Fish” by René Turc in 2008, which was published by IIDCYA.