Minister: Iran's military productions triple

May 26, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said on Monday that production of military tools and equipment in the country has tripled in recent years following proper planning by his ministry.

""Production of such important products as Sejjil-2 missile, access to space and space technology and tripling military productions are all achievements of correct planning in the Defense Ministry,"" Najjar said while addressing a defense ministry conference in Tehran on improvement and growth.
Underlining that forming an efficient and intelligent defensive power sets the main mission of his ministry, he noted the Iranian armed forces' military might and power, and reiterated, ""Thanks to our advanced defensive power, Our armed forces today enjoy full preparedness on the ground, in the sea, under water and in the space and are able to confront any threat against the Islamic Republic of Iran with maximum power.""
Last Wednesday, Iran started production of 30 important military tools and equipment, including electronic, telecommunication and radar devices.
""These new production lines and products are related to electronic warfare, anti-electronic warfare, radar and sonar systems, air and sea cruising and positioning, electro optical and laser systems and different advanced and thermal night goggles, military communication and simulators,"" Najjar stated during an inaugural ceremony held for the launch of operation of the production lines of the said devices.
Najjar reiterated that Iran has produced advanced electronic warfare and anti-electronic warfare and radar systems, including information gathering, wiretapping, orientation, spotting and positioning systems which operate in different (radio) bands, process different kinds of information and have the capability to identify enemy data, spot enemy transmitters and confuse or paralyze them.
Later on Wednesday Iran announced that it had successfully test-fired a new medium-range missile, named Sejjil-2.
Iran first successfully test fired the new generation of ground-to-ground Sejjil missiles on November 12. Sejjil is a two-stage missile that carries two engines and burns combined solid fuel.
Also on Sunday Iran started mass-production of a home-made 40mm anti-cruise cannon named Fath with a range of 12 km and firing speed of 300 bullets per minute.