ICP would have say on next Ahmadinejad cabinet

May 30, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Islamic Coalition Party Secretary General Mohammad-Nabi Habibi stated on Friday that his party will negotiate with President Ahmadinejad on the makeup of his cabinet if he is reelected.

“After the presidential election and if Ahmadinejad wins the election, we will talk to him regarding the issue (cabinet makeup),” he told the Mehr News Agency.
Habibi added his party is cooperating with Followers of the Imam’s Line and Leadership Front in setting up campaign headquarters in support of Ahmadinejad.
IRIB should hold debates between candidates’ allies
Mohammad Ali Najafi has urged the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) to arrange debates between the representatives of the candidates.
“Developing such programs in the national media will help enlighten the public … It will also familiarize the people with those who will cooperate with the elected president in future,” Najafi, Karroubi’s economic advisor, told the Mehr News Agency on Friday.
He also pointed out that supporters of some candidates like Karroubi are completely ready to enter debates. However, he said the supporters of other candidates like Ahmadinejad are not able to defend their plans or records.
Mohammad-Bagher Nobakht also told the Mehr News Agency on Friday that holding televised debates among candidates’ representatives, who are usually experts on issues they discuss, is necessary.
He said debates between candidates are not enough; adding debates between candidates’ representatives can increase the electorates’ awareness of the issues related to the presidential election.
The Moderation and Development Party chief noted that the debates on TV will cast light on the candidates’ stances. Moderation and Development Party announced support for former prime minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi on May 9.
Iran should not give in to bullying powers
Presidential hopeful Mahdi Karroubi has said that Iran should not give in to the bullying powers in the nuclear row.
“We should persist on our way towards gaining nuclear knowledge and technology, should not give in to bullying, and should not yield,” he said on the TV on Thursday night.
Karroubi also urged the IRIB to hold debates between candidates’ representatives because “through their debates in the national, the abilities of each candidate’s (supporting) group will become clear to the people.”
He also vowed to pay oil dividends between all Iranian nationals above 18 if he is elected president.
Mousavi will definitely win first round: IRMO chief
Mohammad Salamati stated on Friday that he has no doubt that Mousavi will win the polls on June 12 and there will be no runoff. He said that Mousavi’s candidacy has been warmly welcomed by people in the provincial tours. He noted if the elections are held today Mousavi will gain about 60% of the votes.
Talking to the MNA, the secretary general of the reformist Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization (IRMO) also pushed for debates between candidates’ representatives. He said it would lead to a professional elaboration of candidates’ views, plans, and policies. He asked the IRIB to go ahead with holding such debates.
Ahmadinejad ally claims Rafsanjani is behind three other candidates
Presidential aide Mohammad-Ali Ramin claimed on Thursday that Hashemi Rafsanjani has encouraged Karroubi, Mousavi and Rezaii to enter the presidential race with the aim of defeating the incumbent President Ahmadinejad or at least reduce the number of his votes.
Talking in Mashhad, he also claimed that Rafsanjani decides how the three candidates “behave and act”. The secretary general of the International Institute for Holocaust Research went on to say that so far Rafsanjani has directed policies in both principlist and reformist fronts.
Ramin said Rafsanjani wanted more principlist figures to enter the fray but he didn’t succeed due to principlists’ vigilance